🎲 Events that you like?

  • My favorite type of events is (multiple votes) 4

    1. Logic puzzles (3) 75%
    2. Quizzes (3) 75%
    3. Math puzzles (2) 50%
    4. Writing challenges (1) 25%
    5. Guessing games (1) 25%
    6. Find the differences (1) 25%
    7. Drawing challenges (0) 0%
    8. Something else (what)? (0) 0%

    Hi everyone!

    Let's do a little poll where you tell me what type of events are your favorites, m'kay?

    Leave a comment on what type of events you would like to join here in the Arkheim - Realms at War community.

    You are welcome to post suggestions and examples!

    To add a bit of extra sparkle, I will raffle 500 Sapphires between the most interesting suggestions, on Friday 29th of January.

    You know, to get into the right mood!

  • We got into discussing prizes as well within the community (and team), do you have favorite brand merchandise in mind that doesn't or wouldn't gather dust?

    My favorites are stuff I can use daily like coffee mugs, clothes, and power banks for example.