Quest Rewards! The greatly rewarding, and the not so much.

  • I've had a few run ins with Quest Rewards on both ends of the spectrum, both those that felt too good to be true, and those that seemed woefully underwhelming; so let's talk about that!

    Realm Quests
    Realm quests give a good idea of direction and what to work in earlier in the game, however as time goes on the rewards become more and more disproportional for the amount of essence they give when simply capturing and upgrading outposts can give just as much if not more without factoring in the reward you get for both tasks. While I appreciate any extra amount of Ascendance that I can get at this point, I'm also heavily invested into resource production and can clearly say that the amount of Ascendance I get for upgrading X amount of outposts often gives me as much as if not more Ascendance as the quest reward simply for upgrading outposts to begin with.

    While I'm not in depth enough with the Realm reward system to make an accurate suggestion to the amount of Ascendance I feel I should get at each level of reward, I can say that I'd be very interested in seeing a variety in the Realm Quests rewards apart from just Ascendance. I'd even be interested in seeing some of the level up rewards like resource bonuses diffused into the Realm Quest rewards.

    I'd also like to put forward that I'd like to see sorting in Realm Quests similar to what's in My Quests.

    My Quests
    As players have pointed out in the Forums and elsewhere, there are at some points quests which have felt pretty underwhelming, such as the later unit rewards in the Dungeon which have already been changed. There are also quests such as the "Defeat # Goblin Camps" as stated here, the "Defeat # Amount of Troops of Other Realms" quest, and the "Fight # Times In The Dungeon" quests that give a small reward compared to what you're already receiving by simply completing the actions required to finish the quest. These are what I've noticed recently to be a bit negatively proportioned.

    There's also cases where I feel like we're over rewarded, though I've noticed fewer of these. Once such scenario is the rewards you get for the "Citadel to Level #" quest in combination with the "Build Your # Military Building" quest that you get when you unlock further copies of different military production buildings. For a number of levels this is close to if not completely a net positive of resources, and it makes it relatively easy to get your Citadel up beyond level 10+ (in my case 15) without really feeling any resource strain from it.

    In Conclusion

    Quests have had their ups and downs so far, I'm sure there's more than I've noticed along the way so I'm interested in hearing and discussing others experiences with the Quest system so far, and any possible suggestions they may have relating to it. :thumbup:

  • I compleatly agree on the citdel part. Reward for upgrading citadel and for placeing the building it unlocks (same goes for resource buildings BTW) is practically covering the cost of next lvl of citadel. Ill be finishing lvl 19 today and immedietly starting lvl 20, which I think is way too easy to do.

    As for quest rewards in general I don't think I can add anything more to what Joker said.