S6 - Patch Notes - 14.01.2021

  • here are the patch notes for S6
    starting on the 14th of January 2021

    The following changes will be taken over from the test server:

    • Portals must be connected to the Ark by uninterrupted territory in order to be active
    • The number of rare supplies around the central Eternal Anvil was increased to 3, the Rare Supply Bonus was increased from 15% -> 20%
    • The Warlord Speed was increased by 15% across all warlords
    • The Soul Energy Cost for each additional Amulet Charge and War Rune was decreased: Amulet Charge 21% -> 18%, War Rune: 15% -> 12%
    • Supplies are now delivered to a spot in the center of your town and can be collected there. This doesn’t change the amount or timing of deliveries but makes them more visible.
    • Troops not yet collected in Town from Supply and Tribute deliveries will be included in the War Potential calculation.
    • Doubled troop bonuses, with the exception of the Anti-Goblin Bonus on Iron Sentries and Horned Whirlwinds: This will only be increased to 70%
    • The War & Peace Feature, as described here: Visit the Blog, including Non-Aggression Pacts

    Please note the following changes compared to the latest War & Peace version on the test server:

    • Improved the UI for the whole W&P feature
    • Ascension will cancel all diplomatic statuses and will end in a tie with no War Chest bonuses (wars will no longer be won by ascension)
    • Added more Realm reports, e.g. for diplomatic statuses canceled by Ascension
    • Declaring War to weaker Realms will now cost additional Ark Energy
    • Once a Non-Agression Pact is accepted, troop movements towards the other Realm will be canceled.

    Balancing for the Elven Skill-Tree:

    • Raised the maximum number of Infantry units from 3% -> 5% (invest up to 10 points instead of 5)
    • Raised the maximum number of Cavalry units from 3% -> 4%
    • Raised the maximum number of Artillery units from 3% -> 4%

    Additional Changes:

    • Added Italian and Portuguese language support
    • Towers do no longer need to be placed at the edge of a Realm
    • Increased cost for enhancing towers. Enhanced towers will now extend their influence by 2 fields instead of 1.
    • The System will now check every hour if a player became inactive. Players below level 10 will already be removed from a Realm after 36 hours. (Otherwise 96 hours)
    • While donating, players can now keep the button pressed instead of clicking multiple times

    Please note, further changes are being discussed after our recent Dev Talk with the community. Changes for the S7 server will be announced at a later date. Our team hopes you enjoy these changes and let us hear your feedback in the comments below!

    See you on the S6,

    Your Arkheim team

  • can we still raid realms that we are not at war with?

    Yes, that has not changed:

    Neutral: This status is the default. It allows Realms to attack (Raid) each other and with each raid get 50% of the Orbs stored in a Tower.

    The neutral status is the starting-status for all Realms. In neutral status...

    • Other towers can be raided, but not claimed.
    • Towers can be destroyed only while they are in construction phase. The same goes for Portals in donation and construction phase.
    • During a tower raid, only 50% of the Orbs stored in the tower can be stolen.

    You can read from the blog how W&P works, we've updated it since the test server: https://forum.arkheim.com/inde…hall-of-wisdom-war-peace/

  • I would like to give some feedback concerning the "Towers do no longer need to be placed at the edge of a Realm" change.

    In my / our opinion this change is nothing desirable for the game:

    Tower placement and area expansion as it is raises the need for precise and skilled tower planning and execution. This is atm a team task. With good planning a realm can make up for a 'worse' position on the map.

    If you can now set towers anywhere in your area expansion becomes a task that is purely dependent on spawn location and distance to the most desired spots (anvils / gates / rare supplies. The need for the strategic tower placement is no longer given.
    With the needed activity a realm can now straight march towards those spots and take supplies / place fitting towers in a second step once they have reached the target spots. Since spawn points of the realms differ slightly in distance to these desired spots on the map and distribution is random this difference cannot be anticipated before ascension. It is now pure luck who reaches these spots first. For the realms with bigger distance it will be a lost case from the very beginning. That's... not very motivating...

    And as soon as a realm has reached these desired spots they can simply cover the area with towers. Due to the w&p system it will be impossible to take i.e. a rare supply off someone if the realm sets 10 towers around those supplies. Conquering 5 towers will not change anything because those towers do not generate enough influence. And the w&p system does not allow mass conquering... So it's basically: Who reached it first, keeps it. You can block any spot by simply placing more towers than can be conquered in a war.

    tl, dr: The "Towers do no longer need to be placed at the edge of a Realm" change takes away a strategic element, leads to less possible success in a war and makes achievements in the area a random matter. Please reconsider this change.


  • indeed. this change would only make a bit sense, if combined with a "always possible to conquer area" around a place of interest. Means for example in circle of 10 fields around an anvil it is also without war possible to conquer.
    As seen in the last server, the distances of spawn points of realms differ up to 12 fields to the anvil in the circle center, this means if you have luck get this spot you spare 2 Towers on way and you are 12h ahead in the race to there.

    it is just annoying when it is like it was by only can set towers along the outlines of territory, but simple now a game breaker if you can set towers close together in same time, making you unremovable from there...

  • It looks like the Truce mechanic of W&P update has absolutely no flaws as deemed by the developers. I am very curious how this decision was made.

    Either that, or correcting the Truce mechanic is not simple, and it is better to have it with the flaws than bother changing it at all. Either way, there seems to be some fault in this thinking.