In server "playtest" I received supplies every day in server "S5" not. Why ?

  • Hi,

    There's an octogone in the center of my dwarf village. In server "playtest" I received supplies every day in this place.

    In server "S5" I never receive anything the whole game.
    I suppose that this supplies come from the "supplies" in the map. If I receive nothing why donate to them ?

    Why ? Are them two different versions ? Is server S5 doesn't have this feature ? Do I have a bug ?

  • Hi Donbronsky#II

    The 'Playtest' server is to test new features and balancing. One new feature that has not yet reached the regular game worlds like S5 is how the supplies are gathered.

    On S5 and on the previous rounds (S4, S3...) supplies are gathered automatically. You will continuously receive supplies from the map - you can deliver the supplies instantly or wait until the supplies are full and then those are delivered to your wares automatically. On the test server, you need to go to the village view and manually pick the supplies.

    Do you like the feature? We could move it to one of the next regular servers.