11.12.2020 Test server Update

  • Please note: These patch notes are only for the War & Peace test server,
    with one exception: Ark power will be renamed 'Glory' on S5 as well.

    War & Peace test server patch notes

    General changes:

    • 3x server speed (affecting production, build, raid, and conquering times)
    • 2x troop speed (movements of Warlords on the map)
    • Timers like war declaration/duration of war will be unchanged
    • The Moon Phase dates for the test server can be found here: War & Peace test server
    • The shop will be closed and instead, players will get starting Sapphires, and more be given out during the round
    • Portals must be connected to the Ark by uninterrupted territory in order to be active
    • The number of rare supplies around the central Eternal Anvil will be increased to 3, the Rare Supply Bonus will be increased from 15% -> 20 %
    • The Warlord Speed was increased by 15% across all warlords (in addition to the general 2x speed of the test server)
    • The Soul Energy Cost for each additional Amulet Charge and Warlord Rune was decreased: Amulet Charge 21% -> 18%, Warlord Rune: 15% -> 12%
    • Supplies are now delivered to a spot in the center of your town and can be collected there. This doesn’t change the amount or timing of deliveries but makes them more visible.

    Noteworthy changes from the dev diary:

    • Wars can be declared as of Midiata (island II).
    • The NAP status mentioned in the dev diary is not fully implemented. There will be only an automatic truce of 5 days after a war, but a non-aggression pact cannot be set manually as part of a diplomatic agreement as of now.
    • War Goals will no longer be selected. Both Goals (Raiding Orbs/Conquering Tower) are always active, the first one fulfilled ends the war. (This is still mentioned in the dev diary)
    • Surrendering is already possible after 48 hours. During the 8 h surrender period, the war can still be won by the other side, thus ending earlier.
    • Please note that it is not possible to declare war if one of the Realms doesn’t fulfill the minimum requirements (2000 Orbs/6 Towers). Overflowing Orbs do count towards the minimum.
    • Once the 5 days of war are over without a winner, the Realm that declared the war loses. The start of the Endgame is now the only event causing a tie between two Realms.
    • A Realm managing to ascend during a war wins automatically. War cannot be declared while ascending, and wars in declaration get canceled when one Realm ascends during the declaration period.
    • A Realm that wins a war through ascension will not get Tribute though, since Tributes apply only for Realms on the same island. All diplomatic statuses are neutralized upon ascension).
    • Ark Energy (formerly called “Realm Soul Energy”) will be reset with each ascension
    • Players can now join a Realm during a war, however, only players that were in the Realm uninterrupted from start to the end of the war will get the war chest.
    • The formula of the war chest is changed: The winner now gets a bonus of 50% multiplied with the former share. Before it was an additive bonus of +20% for the winner and -20% for the losing Realm.
    • The final war chest content is always divided by 15, regardless of eligible Realm members at the time of the war's end.
    • The “tribute chest” is integrated into the new supply delivery spot in the center of the village and can be collected there
    • The Scroll “Time of Need” cannot be used on Tributes
    • After every war, along with the War Chest, each player of the winning Realm receives an epic tome. Each player of the losing Realm receives an uncommon tome.

    Game terms defined:

    • Realm Soul Energy changes into Ark Energy
    • Ark Power changes into Glory
    • Improve Towers changes into Tower Enhancement
    • Concede changes into Surrender
    • War stays as War
    • Tribute stays as Tribute
    • Truce stays as Truce