09.12.2020 Friendship Update

  • Dear players,

    The next update is on the 9th of December, 2020

    Reworked chat layout:

    • Re-sizeable chat window via drag and drop
    • New chat channel and conversation overview
    • Improved timestamp that shows how long ago a message was sent

    Friend list:

    • Friend requests can be sent from the player profile of a player
    • A conversation can be opened directly from the friend list
    • Friends across all servers will be shown globally in the (browser) lobby
    • The option to hide your online status from a friend can be accessed in the (browser) lobby

    Tell a Friend:

    • Players who invite a friend to Arkheim will get rewards depending on the friend's activity
    • The referral system can be found in the in-game shop, "Earn Sapphires" tab


    • Push notifications will now include the server name
    • Leaders will have the option to set a pin while moving a tower in tower placement mode
    • Several bug fixes

    Have you already read our Dev Diary for Friendships in Arkheim?

    Get familiar with new features and invite a friend to a new server!