Proposal balancing / gameplay changes

  • 1. Endgame


    We need 8 additional Fallen-WL-Slots for the endgame. Seriously.


    Not the first one who cleans it gets the 10k orbs + t3 item but the one who first collects 50 Eternal Energy.

    2. Soul Energy


    Reduce the Soul Energy cost for amulet charges and war runes. Where is the harm if we can afford more dungeon charges? And for example right now I'm the one with the second most kills on the entire server and the server is basically over and I have 2 warlords who have 3xcapacity. None has morale and they all only have 1x speed. So... the cost really can get reduced.


    War runes still are too weak and also because of the steep price the difference in what a good player can afford and what a medium player can afford is not so different. Both those reasons make it so that soul energy has nearly zero impact on the game.

    => Make war runes stronger (that having them or not makes a bigger difference)

    => Add additional war runes (for example the warlords ability gets boosted by 20/30/40% per level)


    Add additional "things" that need Soul Energy. For example high level mines. Balance it in a way that you cannot improve your production without having a war to generate the needed SE first.

    3. Warlords

    Allow for more customization. And I don't propose an auction-house with that. I mean.. Let them earn XP that makes them level up. Or require res-donations into certain warlords to unlock further abilities. Give the players stuff to choose from. It gets boring fast if everyone is running around with the same warlords who have the same war runes from Island3 onwards for 6 weeks.

    4. Dungeon

    Whenever you find an item in the dungeon, you can choose between 3 different items. That will reduce the frustration a lot and will also reduce the luck required. It is outrageous that my Aphaca - the strongest freaking elven WL equipped with the best and most expensive units possible - is wearing a tier1 art-weapon. That annoys me every single day anew. Holy shit is that annoying. And depressive.

    5. Masterypoints

    Add maple-masterypoints. You get one point every 10 levels and their skill tree actually matters and is able to customize your account. There have to be multiple EQUAL pathways. It's boring that everyone is skilling the same because there is one clear way that is superior. Also those maple-masterypoints are not resettable. You are stuck with them so choose wisely.

    6. Quests

    Make them more meaningful even for the mid- and endgame. Seriously guys, that takes 1 week and you have done it. It feels completely unprofessional if you get 100k 100k 100k as a super endgame-reward. Surely you can do better than that.

    7. Realm-internal-item-trading

    Not high on my personal priority list but I cannot imagine anyone not wanting that. It only has benefits. It encourages team-play, it promotes a healthy realm-atmosphere and it is fun. But it doesn't solve one of the more frustrating problems, so not high in my priority list as I said before.

    8. PVP

    Make it more tactical. Right now it is basically merely grinding. You have 30m WP, your opponent has 30m WP, so if he doesn't attack like a clown he will kill you roughly the same amount of WP he loses himself. You need to actively play bad or be significantly lower level to lose noticeable more than the realm you attack. It lacks subtlety / finesse. An "easy" solution would probably be to bump up the bonus to 150% instead of 50%. Apart from that, more customization might also help.

    9. Item-balancing


    Too many items are utter trash and never used. Try to balance them better.


    You could add some more items, with cool effects. Shackles for example (HOMAM III) that have the effect that the WL who has them and the one he fights against always fight until one WL has 0 morale left.

    Or ... how is that item called, that if equipped it masks your WL? Could be two items, one to make the WL seem to appear to be a different one and another item could change the units that are displayed (but not the FS)

    Also possible is a "set", so you need to have helmet, armour and boots of the set for it to take effect. Admittedly that increases the RNG factor again, but if you before changed it that you can choose between 3 items (number 4) it should be fine.

    10. New / exclusive buildings

    For example there are 4 buildings available, but you can only build and upgrade one of it. (You can demolish and build another one if you have the res for it)

    Building 1: Increases overall slot sizes of your WLs

    Building 2: Increases overall speed of all your WLs

    Building 3: Increases overall FS of all your WLs

    Building 4: (fools artefact) the bonus changes randomly every 24 hours (Slot/Speed/FS)

    => That leads to more teamwork and at least some customization.

    11. More strategic points on the map worth fighting over

    12. Make Ark-Power more meaningful.

    First of all PVP must generate ark power and then you need to add the feature, that depending on where you are in the ranking you get a different bonus.

    For example:

    #1 in Ark Power gives you 2 additional WLs

    #2 in Ark Power gives you 1 additional WL

    #3-#5 increases the acc-res-production by 20%

    #6-#10 gives all your units an additional 50% bonus against goblins

    etc etc

    That way people might actually start to care where they are in terms of Ark-Power-Ranking and if you include a mechanism to directly influence those Rankings, you add a cool, new feature.

    13. TG

    Change the TG to a battle-simulator. That way noobs (and experienced) players can actually start figuring combat-related stuff out.

    14. Kills-Ranking

    That every kill is worth the same doesn't make sense. Needs to be differentiated better.

    15. Battle-reports

    Show at the end of the Battle-report how many resources and time both sides have lost. Not just the FP. Seriously, that is such a basic thing to do...

    And if you are at it, make battle-reports "shareable".

  • 1) How about realms can set taxes on their members. for example 10% of resource production and 10% of soul energy. the leaders only can spend these on supply points/towers. for the soul energy have a simple but expensive tree from the realm (eg can spend to increase the current benefits of ark level in the current 8 categories) members can also donate soul energy if they want

    2) The island could have abilities. for example island 1 gives 10% bonus to build speed, island 2 gives 10% bonus to resource production, island 3 gives 10% bonus to supply point income, island 4 gives 10% extra warlord speed. gives a bit more strategy for how long a realm wants to stay on the different island and for island 4 the extra warlord speed allows realms to effectively fight realms further away

  • add some items that are more powerfull but have a limited life. eg a sword that gives a higher inf bonus but can only be used in battle 3 times and then it breaks. makes it more strategic to plan your items using in battles. give one as a bonus each time clear a new dungeon level so limited availibility as example.

  • I very much like the idea of having a "realm-wide-MP-tree" - so that realms actually matter and are different from each other. Also that those skill-points cost SE/res is also a fine idea. That has very much potential.

    Taxes, hmm, I like it that people have to "volunteer" the res. With taxes I feel like it we would make it "too easy" for them to donate, because they would be forced from the system to give up those res, so... we'd take away the choice, something I don't like. I want to add choices, not reduce them.

    That the island have different effects on the players who are on that island. Hmm, since it it would be the same for all my competitors, I don't care that much. I want customization, a way that realm A is different from realm B. That not every player has the same skills, the same warlords, the same units, the same island.

    /edit: Items with a limited number of uses sound intriguing. For the really important fights you can use those then, yes, why not!

  • I lack the technical ability to oversee if these suggestions will actually affect/improve the gameplay as they are intended. But I really like Twelve's suggestions.

    They sound fun and add more individuality (on player and realm-level) to the game.

    And I would like to add that they were written down very clearly and in a very constructive and usefull way.

    There are plenty of posts that just say "this sucks.... that sucks". So I really appreciate this well thought out post. :thumbup:

    I will leave it to the tactical experts for deepgoing analysis. ;)

  • Lots off good Input here

    I like specially the points 1b / 3 / 4

    And I agree that Ark Power had to have more influence on the game, maybe a bonus on ressource suplies, to make them also a little more useful

    And there had to be a bonus to go up on another island asap. Or do more suplies in the section around the first EA. So the better realms that goes up firts have the oppertunity to get the same number of supplies as the later ones, but had to fight each other.


    For donations towers could become more important instead of troops supplies being by far the best payback at the moment.. How about like city buildings when they get to top level for the island they get a bonus (Island 4 is 16, island 3 is 12). this bonus could be 50% more hitpoints so harder to conquer or giving a production boosts to supply points in their radius, if going for the production boost it opens up quite a bit of extra strategy for tower placements. eg round a gate where there is a cluster of troops supply points you might want to place more towers with overlapping areai's of influence to double boosts some of the lvl 16 artillary supply points by getting boost from more than one tower.


    How about adding a new building called a church. At church you can "ressurect" fallen quickly and cheaply but loose 80% in the process (eg costs 5 fallen inf to raise one T1 inf), gives realms that have been ripped a chance to get some forces back but costs them long term as reduces there fallen pool for endgame.


    I am not sure I like the idea of 8 additional slots for fallen warlords as I think it will reduce the strategy in the game. At the moment it hurts when you have to convert live to fallen warlords as there is a distinct trade off, if you send too many you do not have enough live warlords to defend on the map. A number of realms do this incorrectly and overcommit. I shudder when I look at the map and see some realm that have done all the hard work to get a portal next to an anvil but still will hit it with and lock 60 of their warlords in there for 12 hrs instead of using just the min and topping up as necessary.

  • Declaring war should be just possible if the opponent has at least 40% of your strength, otherwise its just farming weaker realms and get more supply, so the difference between realms grows exponentially