17.11.2020 Update - Bugfixes

  • Dear players,

    The next update is on the 17th of November, 2020


    • Mobile/Client: Fixed a bug where the Occupied Field fighting strength on s4/s5 server is shown when you switch to the other server
    • Realm Lobby: Fixed visual/layout bugs in the village.
    • Observation Screen: Fixed a bug where sometimes your realm spot was shown outside the map in observation mode
    • Mobile: Fixed a bug where 'on watch' status could not be canceled from the attack/defend window
    • Village: Fixed the bug that when watching a Speed-up-construction video for the same building twice did not give the reduction the 2nd time
    • Map: The Retreat timer on the towers that are being conquered won't get stuck anymore
    • Map: Portals and Towers won't stay in Conquer / Raid mode anymore if the attacker is kicked out of its realm