One Unlucky Day

  • It's always the same. Every Friday 13th you have an unlucky day, and today's Friday 13th is no different. Being superstitious, you blame today's misfortunes on a poor little black kitty cat who oddly took up residence at the nearby neighbor's house. This cat also happened to be following your misfortunes all day long.

    "Moons have mercy, go home!" you yell at the cat, sending the little black kitty cat scurrying back into the shadows. "And good riddance...". With a final, tired shake of your fist, you head to sleep for the evening.

    A few hours passed. You feel the bright light of the three moons on your face and wake up. The sun wouldn't be up for a couple more hours. You stretch your paws and purr a little, already feeling much better from yesterday's misfortunes. Feeling thirsty, you jump on to a table and start to lick the milk. It was only then, looking into the window, you were preparing yourself for yet another unlucky day...

    "Miu, mau mew?"
    "Wait, is this me?

    "Wait, what is this!?"

    What sorcery is this!? It was Friday 13th all over again, and by this cursed spell, you had been turned into what you previously yelled at.

    With no options left, you accept the challenge to relive the same day as a cat, hoping this would break the curse and return you to your own body.


  • War terrible War

    As a cat I didn't care much about war so I did the usual, Roaming the Arks halls I found the most annoying place to sit, right in the middle of the Armory doorway.

    Oh the amount of soldiers I tripped up, have you ever seen a soldier try to get up in full armor? Its pretty funny

    Anyway this is my day every day. Sometimes I hear the distant sounds of swords and armor but do I care? Nope

    zzzzZZZZzzzz Wake me up when war ends.

  • chat? ca me change pas, indépendant , solitaire et calin! plus je débarasse toutes ces souris du camp! mais cherche femelle pour compagnie, ou autre si affinité!lol miaouu!!

    bavarder? ca me change pas, indépendant, solitaire et calin! plus je débarasse toutes ces souris du camp! mais cherche femelle pour compagnie, ou autre si affinité! lol miaouu !!

  • After a lazy streach I slowly open my eyes to survey my domain.

    Take some time to ponder what I should do for the light hours. most of my small prey sleep during the day so an amusing idea for the day is to abuse my staff who walk around aimlessly in hard loud skins.

    The sweet smells of the kitchen slowly draw my attention so sigh, a further streach, decide to wander in their direction to grace them with my noble presence. As normal they have wasted time making some rabbit food instead of normal tender and succulent flesh so I yell my displeasure. Their response is murmers of "cute cat" and some well deserved strokes but I can see from the dumb expression in their eyes that they do not understand

    Stupid Humans,

    Good help is hard to find, it is going to be a long and slow day again.

  • Today I have decided to be a cat.

    It obviously was my choice as no-one can tell a cat what to do. Let me look at my schedule.


    Nap, slow streach, take food from my staff....nap.....nap.....find someone to give me a and then time to sleep.......

    The life of a cat is tough.

  • Здравствуйте Уважаемые !!!

    Я старый волшебный Чёрный Кот Зовут меня AfrodiKing.

    Я хочу Вам рассказать про волшебную страну Arkheim!!! Там проживают два прекрасных волшебных народа, Гномы покорители подземных шахт с сокровищами и Эльфы владеющей волшебной и прекрасной природой Arkheima.. Они живут в прекрасной стране Arkheima..С её чудесным волшебным Миром… И вот в этом Царстве Раз тысячу лет …… Происходит волшебное событие Охота за Лунными сферами .Но знай их так легко не завоевать! Их охраняют злые и коварные Гоблены…Два народа Гномы и Эльфы сражаюца за победу !!! Если ВЫ хотите сразится и показать своё мастерству среди тысячи лородов ВЫ сможете помочь Гномам или Эльфам победить в этом соревнование . Добро пожаловать в Arkheim!!! Но знай путь туда опасен и труден.. не каждый Лорд справится. Но приз Достоин этих трудностей…

  • Like every morning I wake up to check my beard and war axe before I step out to the battlefields of Arkheim, but this morning was like no other... Meooow.....

    Instead i felt lighter .... Somehow my bed was huge so was the room.!

    I start to lick myself and clean my ears and bottom... Nooo please noooo! Darn Gods of Arkheim,did i just do that?

    I jumped up from the bed to hurry myself to the very big mirror that was hanging on the wall, usually i would stumble and reach for my big jar of mead, but my paws... Did i just say paws... Eeeeekkkk

    As i reached the mirror i saw a reflection of a ugly cat like the ones hanging around the witches lair or those alley cats who looked like they been in a fight all night.

    As i licked myself again with none what so ever intentions to do so... I realized a curse or hangover have turned me into a cat.... I'm a freaking CAT!!!

    I jumped from the wall to the chair, from the chair to the cupboard and from the cupboard to the chandelier realizing I was a freaking CAT! Hysterically I tried desperately find a way out of my room but my paws couldn't open anything ....... What else to do.... So i went over to the window and watch all battles in peace wondering how yummy that mouse would be that peeped out of the small crack in the wall......

    Will this curse be with me forever ? Will anyone open my door? And most of all who put this curse one me?

    Game world - s5

    Ulfgar Zal

  • Note: I am only contributing with a story, not joining for the prizes.

    Friday 13th

    As soon as I saw myself in the window, I jumped under the table, panicking.

    – No, no, no! Oh Gods, why?! Bring me back to my normal dwarven self!

    All this worrying and walking in circles while trying to come up with an explanation have made me dizzy and... sleepy. Oh, these fluffy little paws... I don’t even know how much I walked during this time. I will continue thinking at a plan while I sit a bit on my bed. Yes, that sounds like a good start of the plan.

    And up to the bed I went.

    But the rays of the sun that were touching my fur felt so comforting. I curled up in my bed and I fell asleep soon after.

    As I was waking up again, I slowly opened my eyes... only to see some fangs and a lot of saliva that was drooling from the mouth of a... beast. There’s a beast staring at me from the margin of the bed!!

    The beast’s face was so close to me that I felt like my soul was leaving my small body. While he got back a little, I realized that this beast was my canine companion – Lightning Paw.

    – Oh, Gods of the Three Moons, how could I forget that I have a dog in my house?! I have never felt more frightened in my entire life! How could my dog recognize me now? I’m not his master anymore, I’m a cat! And he loves running in the alleys chasing and scaring cats!

    My fur went all frizzy, but I could not hiss or even move anymore... I kept staring into his eyes and all I could do was to make a faint sound: Mmrr-meoow? 🥺

    My dog’s expression changed, and it seemed like my pleading face was not showing any threat to him.

    In that exact moment someone knocked at the door. The knocks distracted Paw. He turned around and raised his ears, like he was on the patrol alert. The knocks became more powerful, and he rushed at the door, barking.

    – Arth, I know you’re in there. Open the door, or I swear on the steal that my swords are made of - I will knock it down! Arth? Aaaarth, open the door!!

    Paw recognized the voice of my old friend, Ragaz. Hearing his voice, Paw has now turned from a killing beast into a tail wiggling happy dog. That’s the side of him that I was familiar with as his master. But as a cat, seeing him upclose... that dog is terrifying!

    – Arth, I can clearly hear Paw barking. I know you’re in there, ‘cause you never leave your house without him. Are you still sleeping?! Open the door, or I’ll come in and drag you into the training grounds!

    Riiight, I was supposed to meet him this morning, for a training ground fight, and then we were supposed to battle some Goblins at the new supplies. I kept postponing our meeting for a few days now, due to some other things I had to deal with. Oh, he’ll think I stood him up.

    Seeing that I don’t answer, he felt like something is not right and he entered in my house. Saw Paw, patted him on the head, and then started looking for me. I was still on my bed, as I was still in shock of all the events happening. I was a cat now... a cat...

    Ragaz saw me on the bed - a frightened black cat, with big green eyes.

    – Awww, you poor thing, what are you doing here? Paw scared you, didn’t he? Bad, Paw, bad!

    Hearing his tone of voice, Paw went into the 'down' command and was looking at him with innocent eyes.

    – That’s not how to treat a kitty! Come here, you beautiful small black panther! He sat on the bed and took me into his arms, to give me a cuddle.

    – Ewww, Ragaz, stop this. It’s me, Arth! I will punch you when this curse ends, I swear! I put my paw on his cheek, trying to push him away while I kept saying things on my own, but all he could hear was ‘mrr.. meow’, and that made him hug me even more.

    – What a cute kitty! I didn’t know Arth likes cats, said Ragaz. And moreover, that he would let a cat stay in his bed. Hehehe, seems like that grumpy bearded dwarf has a soft side. Just wait until the other folks hear this. They will roll on the floor laughing!!

    Ragaz was an Elven upper-class warlord, very much acquainted with big felines. So he could understand a regular cat's behaviour, too. He thought I might be hungry, and he went to search some food in the kitchen.

    How will I deal with all the snuggles, and with Paw in the house? I had to get out, so I snuck out of a window. And ran...

    I ran through the alleys, and tried to find a high safe spot, where I can put some order into my thoughts. I climbed over a fence and then some tree and managed to get on the roof of a house. I kept looking at the leaves falling the trees. And started thinking...

    – What now? What if I can never return to my dwarven form? Will I live the rest of my days as a cat? But I know nothing of cats...

    As the wind got stronger, I went down from the roof. I was wandering around the places, trying now to take my mind off all this, by looking at birds, and watching the busy life in the town. The wind blew some leaf, and I started chasing it, fooling around. I could hear the cracking sound of all the leaves I walked upon, then I started walking funny on purpose - jumping from here to there, just to hear more funny noises. That sound of the dry leaves was captivating and that's when I could feel a sudden burst of joy. I was happy in that moment, and felt free. I just couldn’t help but roll over the leaves, then hid under another pile of freshly gathered leaves, then jump out of it, and then go back in. Ah, this is fun! And I have no responsibility...

    A few hours should have passed by now, and it was slowly starting to get dark. It got cloudy and it started raining, so I had to find shelter. Oh, no. I don’t like water... no, not on my fur!

    As I was walking by the side of some buildings in an alley, I heard a noise. Then heard some growling and hissing. An alley cat jumped in front of me and before I could react in any way, she scratched my left paw so bad. Gosh, that hurts! Then, one more cat came, and then a third... Seems like I was an intruder in their territory and I was not welcome there. More cats started gathering around the fences and walls, and I was all alone...

    In that moment, a thought crossed my mind. What should a realm do when they fight against many other realms, and it knows it doesn't have many chances to win? Most warriors will say it should retreat. And, if until now I thought that was a cowardly act, in this exact moment, I thought it was the wisest thing I ever knew. I turned back and ran as fast as I could.

    After running for a while, it seems like they lost my track. I’m safe now. But... I’m so hungry... I haven’t eaten anything all day. My left paw was bleeding from the deep scratch I got from that alley cat, and I was getting cold again.

    *sniff sniff * What’s that smell? Is that grilled meat? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Food! FOOOD! I want some...

    Limping, I started heading towards the place from where the grill smell was coming. It was farther than I thought it was, but that didn't matter; I was amazed of what a great sense of smell I had!

    Some folks were grilling meat at their house for dinner. I climbed on their window sill and started looking at how they were eating. The owner saw me after a while, and started approaching the window. When he opened it, he threw some water at me, yelling about how my paws were dirty, and I stained their window and their sill.

    Gosh, that was so cruel! I jumped down and continued my journey through the city - hungry, all wet and shivering.

    I had no idea that cats can have such a hard life. I though all they do is eat and sleep, and ignore other living beings.

    What do street cats eat? How tough it is to fight with other cats and predators for a bite of food... Do they ever feel safe? Plus, why are some folks so mean to them?!

    Wait, I was mean to a cat the other day, too. Oooh... I shouldn’t have done that. I'm sorry, kitty, I didn't know better!

    At least the rain stopped... I said to myself that I should head back home, but what do I do with Paw?

    When I arrived back to my place, I carefully inspected the movement in the house, by looking through the windows. There was no sign of Paw. Seems like Ragaz took him to the Training grounds today. With all the bad things happening, this was a sign of hope. I went in, and in a hurry, I drank the rest of the milk and ate the food Ragaz prepared for me in the morning. Then, I jumped on my bed and hid under the blanket. I was exhausted, and I felt asleep instantly.

    The next day, as I was waking up, as a habit, I started scratching my head.

    – Oh, hair? HAIR! Not fur, HAIR! I was back to my own self... I jumped up screaming of happiness!

    Wait... was this a dream, or was I really a cat? I looked at my hands, and I saw the deep scratch on my left hand – the place where that alley cat has scratched me. And I felt like my heart was aching. So, all this was true...

    I heard the front door opening. Ragaz was back with Lightning Paw. I went towards them, hugged Paw, and then hugged my friend.

    – Arth, I can’t breathe. Arth, left me go, what’s going on with you? Where were you yesterday? How could you leave Paw alone and not take him to the training site?

    – My dear old friend, come sit... You won’t believe what happened to me on Friday, the 13th!

    After explaining everything to Ragaz, he patted me on my shoulder, then looked in my eyes and told me: See, I knew you are a softy! Then we both started laughing.

    – Now go get that alley cat you yelled at, and adopt her, said Ragaz. Paw will not do anything to her. He listens to you and never disobeys. Plus, he will be thankful for a playing companion.

    And that’s how I now have a dog and a cat... Will my cat join me into the battles as Paw does, or will she prefer to rub over a pile of clean laundry and wait at home instead? Of course, it's the latter.

    A name... How should I name my cat? Oh, I know... I'll call her Bliss.

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