Guide to make your own discord room

  • That's a solid way of setting up a discord!
    Some more stuff to add maybe:

    We take screenshots of Donations and War Potentials on a daily basis and post them in respective channels to see which players & realms increase their stats the greatest or not. That way we see which Realms might donate way more than others and we can ask some of our own players to step the donation game up.

    In the Tips/Guides/Sheets/Tools section you can find XP / Fallen / Cost / Time per unit, have some excel sheets where you can calculate XP via training ground, see the Return of Investment of different Supply and Ressource field levels.

    All in all, a proper set up Discord-Server for your realm with the Ingame Pins and Announcements are everything you need for solid coordination & communication in this very teamgame focused games!

    Oh - and you need some players willing to communicate or at least read and execute what's to be executed :)