War & Peace Concept Adjustments after Dev-Talk

  • But you dont lose all if you fight until the end.

    If you have maybe 40 Towers. You will lose 6 then war ends.

    In the moment if a stronger realm attacks you, you will lose all your good towers until you relocate and lose all. I dont calculate but I think building up again cost you more then 20% tribute.

    And if you are not the worst realm of all there are also weaker or equal realms you can fight. Win and get towers and Tribute from them.

  • there is something weird about how little orbs are needed to win war with someone. you either have your friends loot all your orbs before war (which is not something that should be a thing imo) or you risk loosing war in 2 hours if your enemy is able to raid 2 or 3 towers successfully. for example we had over 50k orbs but all that was required for our enemy to loot was 1.3k orbs. this is not about losing or winning but about having fun with war for a day or few days rather than war being finished in 2 hours and then boring 5 days of peace again.