Dev-Diary: War & Peace

  • The war chest concept has some good potential. The idea of plunder comes to mind

    How about added to the realms portion of the warchest is a % of the resource cost of destroyed enemy troops as battleground looting/plunder. This goes into ark treasury at end of war and can only be allocated by leaders for upgrading towers or supply points.

    this would encourage more thought put into getting a good kill ratio rather just throwing troops at the enemy so realms who fight efficiently should rise faster. having the ability to build up the ark treasury through fighting and being able to delay using it means can be used as a bit of a kick start when moving islands or when a realm gets forced to retreat.

    this game already has a very good concept with the islands that "protects" the weaker realms as you cannot attack between islands. realms that find they are on an island which is too competitive can already just drop down an island for a few weeks till their opponent moves on. Simfarm realms realy should have no chance of getting to island 4 so might be an idea that the long leadtimes for declaring war etc all reduce quickly as you increase islands so once island 3 or above you are into hardcore.

  • very enjoyable to hear players bickering that is very productive for the devs, i like the idea that portals should be connected to the the players territory and if it is disconnected then troops walk and if you regain the territory then the portal is back to normal and I also would like that realms should only be able to conquer territory next to their borders, but they should be able to attack towers for orbs any were in the map. I also like the idea that realms should have to declare war on another realm and have a time placed before actual attacking, in other words no surprise attacks, I also like the idea of limiting two realms attacking at the same time, I also like the feature of rewards for the active members who fight in this declare wars (but not for members who did not fight, they should not get any thing) THE DEVS have to STOP protecting weak realms, if the players like the game they will learn and become more competitive, you can't please everybody, work on making the game more interesting and keep it as close as possible as when you started the game. listen to the players you have made this game to make money, competition between players and realms will pay for your work

  • Is there anyone who is reading this thread who thinks that it is NOT a good idea to differentiate between built-towers and conquered towers?

    The change will dramatically reduce the number of towers a realm can conquer. Normally you have to de-construct them and build new ones because they are badly placed and are worse than your own towers. If you'd deconstruct them, the opponent can grab their territory back AND because you were only able to secure so little space, the value is greatly reduced of this strategy anyway.

    So my proposal is that a realm can keep the conquered towers without having to sacrifice their own tower slots and therefore economy.

    That's a nice incentive to wage war against as many neighbors as possible.

  • Diplomatic statuses are great concept, but do not really solve anything

    Limiting any factor of the war will reduce the war, and this is a war game, as far as I know...

    From my point of view ganging to beat the enemy is not the problem here, it is just the matter of dominance in the area, same like RL.


    I've teamed up with a realm (does not need to be one) to push out the third realm of the supplies we want to take. For the moment game offers perfect solution to the problem: If you can not fight for any reason, you can retreat. But they choose to stay, fight, lose everything then complain how you lost everything...

    That is not the game problem, that is leadership problem and idea of accessing the risk.

    During that war i was attacked (both conquers and raids) by the forth realm which was 3 times weaker then me... So i defend, send a friendly note: "Do not attack, there will be consequences if you continue". A day passed, there are new attacks from the same realm...

    Is there a game problem there, bullying? I don't see it...

    OLD SAYING: Do not poke the sleeping lion with the stick...

    As for portal limitations.

    On last server (s3), I've teamed up with a weaker realm and together we were still weaker then the enemy and they lost 4 portals to our attacks. It is not the problem with the game, again, it is problem with the people playing the game. Sorry, but brute force can not win always... Sometimes brain should be used.

    I don't quite understand, but whenever a person encounters a smarter person, and they engage in "battle" always the system is to be blamed. (You may understand this line as you see fit)

    I did not directly comment on any of the dev diary stuff... But i did, in my way...

  • Two observations:

    Firstly the proposed war system seems open for abuse - two realms could exchange orbs in negotiated war executions and gain advantages, similar to the in-game training grounds.

    Secondly you need to make up your mind whether you want to develop a war game or a peace game. Don't try doing both.