Community Quest

  • Community Quest

    Welcome to the Arkheim - Realms at War community. Here you can:

    • Get answers to your questions or help others with your expertise
    • Improve your skills as a player and learn new strategies
    • Meet players like yourself and make new friends
    • Join fun and interesting discussions and events
    • Share your feedback and wishes, and improve the game together with everyone

    The Community Quest will take but a moment of your time, and will include bonus quests for mastery. This quest will take you through the different platforms where players and Arkheim team spends their time. Bonus quests will show you what extra activities are available that benefit both you and the rest of the player community.

    Your Community Quest Begins

    Quest 1 - Learn to navigate the forum.

    Your first quest shows you the very best parts the forum has to offer for newcomers. The quests for mastery will teach you how to personalize your forum experience and start building a reputation.

    👉 Click here to start the quest.

    Quest 2 - Learn to play the game.

    Your second quest will take you to the best sources of information you can visit at any time. The quest for mastery shows how to become a revered source of wisdom and knowledge yourself.

    👉 Click here to start the quest.

    Quest 3 - Visit the world outside of Arkheim.

    Pack your bags. The third quest takes you to our other community platforms where players spend their time. The quest for mastery will teach you how to harness the true power of these platforms.

    👉 Click here to start the quest.

  • Learn to navigate the forum

    • A) Lobby takes you to where you can join your game worlds and set your email and password.
    • B) Forum is where we are now. The red number shows how many unread messages you have.
    • C) Blog gives you different categories of blog posts to read, like 'Meet the Team' and 'Dev Diaries'
    • D) Learn to Play drop-down list gives you access to Hall of Wisdom - Blog series that shows you how to play.
    • E) Player Projects has a Creator kit you can download for your own Arkheim - Realms at War project. We will also feature player project here like fan sites and calculator tools.
    • F) Help Center offers you informative articles for basic gameplay and for issues. You can also fill a Support contact form here.
    • G) Control Panel lets you edit your forum profile, forum language and many other things.
    • H) Conversations lets you start private and group conversations with other players or Arkheim team .members.
    • I) Search tool helps you find whatever you are looking for on the forum.
    • J) Forums on/off button lets you select which forum sections are visible to you. This can become helpful when you do not wish to follow discussions on various different languages.

    Adding images and styling forum posts

    • A) The main styling menu for forum posts include different fonts, colors, tables, links, alignment, spoilers and more. To add an image to your post from another site, you can copy the address of that image and paste it using the 'Image' icon just above the letter A. Quick and easy.
    • B) Sub menu gives you a Smiley library, Attachments and a Poll option. Attachments is similar to the Image icon mentioned above, but the files will be downloaded from your computer. You can also select the size for your image here (full image or thumbnail). Poll lets you create entertaining or informative polls others can then vote on.
  • Learn to play the game

    Welcome to the Help Center!

    • A) General Information will tell you all the necessary basics to help with technical questions or issues.
    • B) Playing Arkheim gives you a short introduction to basic game functions. This is a great place to start!
    • C) From the Flag icon you can select the language of the Help Center articles. We will add more languages in the future.
    • D) Contact Support: If you are unable to find an answer to your question anywhere or if you are experiencing technical difficulties in the game, please click on the Contact Support button and fill out a contact form that opens.

    Welcome to the Hall of Wisdom!

    • You can access the Hall of Wisdom (HoW for short) from 'Learn to Play' in the main menu or from 'Blog'. This growing list of articles dives deep into the gameplay, features, tactics and strategies that will help you and your Realm win the round, or to do well at least.

    Welcome to the Meeting Ground!

  • Visit the world outside of Arkheim

    Welcome to Discord!

    • Discord is a free app where you can easily chat on different channels with all the other players. In the image above we are visiting the #players-help-players channel where one player shares the optimal way of using building space other players earlier came up with.
    • Our official Discord server offers live chat events like Developer Talks, shared game screen and video/voice calls, memes and jokes, a very helpful player community, international channels for different language groups, a realm finder to find new playing mates, a direct contact with the Arkheim team, brainstorming and good banter.

    Welcome to Facebook

    • Our official Facebook page offers news, updates, discussions and special events and raffles you can only find on Facebook. So far our Facebook community has helped us name 5 Warlords and won thousands of Sapphires or other goods. For our Russian speaking players, we have just opened a vK page for you.

    Welcome to YouTube

    • Our official YouTube page offers a growing number of videos and playlists from the Arkheim team, and from other players. Take a look behind the scenes, watch as others play, or join one of our Live Feeds.

    Thank you for joining our Community Quest. Once more, welcome to the Arkheim - Realms at War community. We are very happy to have you here with us!

    - Your Arkheim team