Badges and achievements suggestions

  • Some badges/achievements suggestions, some achievements are progressive like kill 100 -> 500 -> 1000

    X = Random number

    Badges for training troops at barracks, stable and armory

    Train X Iron Sentry

    Train X Cratermaker

    after training a certain number of infantry/cavalry/ranged give an achievement too, the same for stable and armory for both races.

    Badges for kill dungeon units, maybe separated with classes

    Kill X Undead infantry

    Kill X Undead Cavalry

    Give another badge for Kill X undead troops total, like kill 1000 undead troops "without especified class" and badge for clear dungeons like clear X dungeons.

    /\ This example could be applied to goblins too, think will be good for PVE /\

    Clear X Barricades / Clear X Camps

    For PVP -> Kill X Elf infantry / Kill X Elf Cavalry / Kill X Elf Artilery -> same for dwarfs

    Succesfully Conquer X Fortress / Succesfully Raid X Fortress / Kill X Troops of others players in total / Succesfully prevented X Raids in your realm.

    Reach X population / Reach X Kills in total / Reach X Level and badges for helping realm like "succesfully donate 100k resources for your realm".

    Use "Name" Warlord X times or Win X PVP/PVE Battles with "Name" Warlord

    I will suggest more on future, i suggested thats badges for encourage the players and reward hers for every action, dont matter the strategy, at least will be nice if all these badges can be displayed on the game profile when clicking on my avatar to make a very beatiful and satisfating profile, if possible shows the badges of past realms.