PVE and Communication suggestions

  • more barricades/decrease goblins time respawn on city, or add one more respawn with another range of respawn time / invasions at realm each 4h / increase exp of defeat goblins camp, for example clear 65 camps the reward is 250exp 2k/3k/3.5k resources, these suggestions is for focused PVE players or "no full time" players, because take much time to raid enemy fortress, and many players want to enjoy the pve too, and with the rewards of this pve contents can upgrade camps/fortress helping the realm as same, lvl cap is 100 so thinking about this suggestions players will get lvl cap more faster.

    Add variety?

    With each Fortress Level the fortress owner can choose to increase 1 of these 3 bonuses:

    1) Upgrade Orb production & Max Storage (like it is now)

    2) Upgrade Base Defense (a "fortress" warlord which fights before any defender with a small stack of artillery units - after he is defeated he needs to be repaired with a cooldown & some resources)

    3) Upgrade Outposts boosts (Adds an additional % boosts for all connected outposts of this fortress)

    on this system the player will choose the bonus of fortress, so i suggest include a section on "realm page" saying what are the objectives, because much new players will get lost at begin, so if members of concil can edit a section with "realm objetives" i think it will be good, or on the poll system for vote what objetives (upgrade camps with resources or trops or fortress" the members must focus.

    list/info of fortress and camps upgrades at realm page, much leaders dont make a mark map on what field is to focus, and take so much time pushing the map on big realms looking for the highest lvl camp to apply the bonus or upgrade low camps, in this list i can suggest the marks too, marks that are voted on the poll or marked at map too, i think it will be good for leaders/members for focusing on objective

    links for video/guides/social media and tutorials visible on game page to improve user experience, and a guide to begin the game, for example at first time i login i not see the first steps guide like "click here or go here, do it, etc"..

    sorry for the bad english..