Towers purpose

  • Game looks very imbalanced at the moment for different reasons, however many of things would be avoided by having at least one more species(kind) to play with. But this is topic for another thread, just wanted to bring that out.

    My suggestion for the towers purpose improvement consists of following:

    Every race should have their own towers they can build, why?

    1. Warlords can move with increased speed of +1 to +5 in between ark and tower or between towers which race they belong to; or based on number of towers that are built in your realm of certain race, your bonus movement will increase to a # number (limit because of the late game or island)
    2. When defending in their own race towers get 5% - 10% def bonus (or same rule as second part of example 1)
    3. Resource and troop supplies will give 5% - 10% bonus to the race whose tower is holding them (or same rule as second part of example 1)
    4. When defending, army of race that tower belongs to gets + # morale or + # initiative (or same rule as second part of example 1)
    5. Cost of upgrading the supplies held by a tower are cheaper for the race that tower belongs to buy 5% - 25% (or same rule as second part of example 1) - or/and more expensive for the other race/s
    6. Same as point 5, but only towers themselves
    7. Number of troop supplies held by a race speeds up troop production of particular troop type (cavalry/infantry/artillery) by 10-25% of that race
    8. Map will bring better experience and be more involving

    Please bear in mind that bonus values are just examples. Idea can be improved of course...

  • I don't like it.
    The idea that 1 race get's bonusses makes it favourable to have 15 dwarf or elves in 1 realm.
    I can't very well put it into words, but I don't like it :see_no_evil:
    That towers can provide different bonuses etc. is fine. But that 1 specific race boosts that same race I don't like.

  • Khrawn#II That's why there is limit to everything. You can not boost past the certain point, like max bonus of a type can be achieved with only 7 - 9 members, meaning certain number of towers.

    Here is an idea how to prevent that, after lets say 9 dwarfs bonus becomes negative, so instead of gaining more bonus, you start losing it.