🗝️ The Great Chest Quest

  • 1) Спустившись в подвал наш герой обнаружил два сундука, однако выбор пал на "DUSTY OLD CHEST"
    2) Какое то странное, но приятное чувство заставило выбрать именного его, возможно это была интуиция, которая подобно бабочке порхала в животе, которая начала бурное трепыхание при виде много вековой пыли.

    3) Нашего авантюриста звали: "HopDap" это был состарившийся гном, староста местного поселения.

    1) Going down to the basement, our hero found two chests, but the choice fell on "DUSTY OLD CHEST"
    2) Some strange, but pleasant feeling made me choose his name, perhaps it was an intuition that fluttered like a butterfly in my stomach, which began to flutter violently at the sight of a lot of age-old dust.
    3) Our adventurer's name was: "HopDap" it was an old dwarf, the headman of the local settlement.

    You found a can of shoe polish. Goes well with a beard as well.

  • 1. Dusty old chest

    2. Shiny chest is in use more, so less chance for actual treasure

    3. MadScientist

    You found a cone attached to a stick with a string. Oh, it's a practice fishing pole.

  • I pick the shiny old chest, is impossible to resist the shining light coming of the chest, it must contain something divine.


    You found a blank slate - good for starting over.

  • The Shiny New Chest

    As this is the dawn of a new age and changes abound, it is time to move away from old ideas and embrace the new.


    You found 415 Sapphires. The Sapphires have been delivered.

  • Dusty old chest
    The shinny chest is for the greedy ones so i prefer the old, rare artifacts come with age he he

    You found 80 Sapphires. The Sapphires have been delivered.

  • 1. Dusty Old Chest

    2. We've all seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. New = death.

    3. Tomkik

    You found yourself tapping to the sound of the Dwarven ale song playing in your head.

  • 1. Dusty old chest.

    2. It bears the mark of the panther, the noblest of the big cats. Known in some parts of the world as signs of fortune, good luck, and as warriors.

    3. Nalitra

    You found 95 Sapphires. The Sapphires have been delivered.

  • Hello

    1.Old dusty chest

    2.The other chest seems too tempting ... the old side is synonymous with secrets and riches.

    3. Elric IV

    Thank you for this game event and good luck

    You found a common Crown of Knowledge. The item has been delivered.