🗝️ The Great Chest Quest

  • 1. first, open the dusty one, then grab the shiny...

    2. greed is good! why bother getting just one if you can take both?

    3. ton-omas

    You found the lid of the dusty chest suddenly closing with your hand still inside it, and something started chewing on your greedy little fingers.

  • 1. Dusty Old Chest

    2. The chests appear to be the same model, which implies they have a similar origin of time and place. In turn this signifies the wear and tear of each chest may be proportional to their usage and desirability, rather than their age. The scratches, fading, and (potential) bullet holes in the Dusty Old Chest before it was stored away to gather cobwebs tells of the significance of its content.

    3. Coucy (S4)

    You found a brochure for Sapphire Jobs - Stop Whining and Start Shining!