💡 How to make great suggestions

  • Hello everyone,

    Making suggestions that are clear and well argued can make all the difference! Here is a short guide how to write suggestions that are easy for other players and for the developers to understand, improve or even implement.


    Instead of just writing one line of suggestion: 'Add a new race of Garden Gnomes to the game', split it in three parts.

    1. How the game situation is now in your experience? (what is the change or improvement you are looking for)
    2. What is your suggestion?
    3. How will the game work after your suggestion has been implemented? (what changed for the better)


    Instead of sending your suggestion in private to one of the Arkheim team members or one of your playing mates, share it on a public channel. This could be in Discord or here on the forum. And here's why:

    • Other players can support your idea by giving likes or emojis :thumbup::thumbdown:
    • Other players can improve your idea and join the brainstorming
    • Your suggestion is taken more seriously if you can get others behind it

    Thank you for all your support and suggestions so far!

    Your Arkheim team