💬 Developer Talk: Balancing - 18.09.2020

  • In fact, until two simple things are done, this game will not look like a military strategy game.

    The first is the possibility of extracting resources by military means.

    And the second is a system where the growth of the account level is directly related to the complexity of the tasks performed by the player.

    In the first place in terms of efficiency should be PVP (As the most difficult and energy-consuming task)

    On the second PVE

    And only in third place should be donations. (As a task requiring a minimum of effort)

    In other words, a player who actively leads PVP should get much more XP than a PvE player, and even more so a player who makes donations.

    In this case, the game will finally find a complete logical model, and many things that are perceived as unfair, illogical and unbalanced will be eliminated.

  • lmao why nerf res output? the buildings BARELY pay for themselves until the server RIPS

    if you nerf the output for whatever reason in the very least adjust their cost as well, cuy atm they are almost pointless to get anyway, but its a bad idea anyway

    akahaca nerf??? why, no reason if you nerf arti again

    trankard needs a infantry slot or dwarfs need better cav

    if you nerf def art, darrak warlord or 1,1,1 dudes become oppressing again as you cannot counter them

    dwarf girl anti cav is still useless

    valk is still useless

    daggertooth is still useless

    lighting paw is still useless

    pertifier is still useless

    t1 art is still useless

    gonna somehow make these better and maybe adjust some other warlords before implement new ones

  • Wow, checked the entire developer talk about balancing and no mentions about SE/SP ability changes ending up with plane battles

    • Elves:
      • Sky Piercer: 35% in Defense -> 50% damage against Infantry (countering BB)
    • Dwarfs:
      • Supreme Equalizer: 35% in Defense -> 50% damage against Cavalry (countering SC)

    What is the point? I still prefer the EA1 T1 art units (SS and RM) with 50% def bonus. As they are just T1, it is still a trade off FS vs ability bonus. Practically current ability bonuses suck as they are effective only one type of units and almost worthless other than fallen creation.

    Not to mention that 3 anti-infa + 2 anti-cava + 1 anti-arti skills of elves are not any more a match to a balanced 2 anti-anything dwarves.
    Nerfed anti-arti cava are not anymore a match a strong t3 anti-cava dwarf arti.
    Replacing Aphaca's 50% crit skill (3rd highest lvl Elf WL) by a junk 1k damage each slot besides extreme nerfing SP (both on skill and FS) made it unplayable. They cannot even defend themselves against nerfed SC :D