Orbs/Moonstones when conquering a tower

  • Should weget the orbs/moonstones when conquering (not raiding) a tower from an enemy realm? The statistics tab shows that we gained around 24k since our last retreat, but in reality we didn't get them.

    Is there a difference between the regular and the endgame phase? Didn't find anything about it in the endgame article.

  • Hi :)  Exavidos#II  

    During endgame: If you go to mission reports (bottom menu), you can tap open the 'conquest successful' reports and there it shows how many orbs the conquest brought. Try finding the tower(s) which you conquered successfully and see the reports. If no one stole your orbs and you did not receive the orbs, please contact the game support for further help.

    This article here tells all you need to know about raiding and conquering towers: https://forum.arkheim.com/inde…om-pvp-battles-at-towers/


    Conquering Towers

    Conquering a Tower means, taking it away from the enemy. Every Tower has 100 Hitpoints. Once the Hitpoints of a Tower reach the 0 mark, the owner loses control over it, Orbs in the Tower get transferred to the attacker and the Tower turns into a ruin with a 12-hours timer...[continues]

    Disclaimer: During the Endgame (last 2 weeks of a round), Towers are claimed by default, and troops that successfully conquer a Tower remain stationed at the Tower.

  • Opened a support ticket. The told us everything is fine regarding our orbs, even if we know that there were cases were we didn't get orbs when conquering a tower and the orbs have shown up in the final report. But I won't bother creating another trouble ticket. To much hassle for a browser game.

    But maybe another alliance can check if the get orbs when conquering (not raiding)

    best regards