• Seeing the lobby this is like travian kingdoms, for sure we will have some badges/achievements but i like to suggest badges to put or show in game profile it will be cool and everybody know how thats satisfying and glorious is have a beautiful badge on profile, another thing is make the badges forever dont matter if i go to another world (with same acount). some new badges that i suggest is "bug reporter" for incentive the players to report a bug and not abuse it, and "genius" badge for players whos suggest one thing that was implemented in the game for example, it will make the community active because it will be "rare" badges

  • Hello Eraggon,

    you recognized the lobby correctly ;)

    We definitively plan to introduce also achievements, which you can collect in a game round, but will stay on your account forever & can be shown in your ingame profile of every world you're playing. Similar like it is currently in Kingdoms.

    So you can definitively give us some ideas, which achievements you would like to be able to achieve :)