14.09.2020 Update

  • Dear players,
    The next update is on 14th of September 2020, 11 AM CEST (UTC+2)


    • Added separate Fallen and Goblin kill statistics
    • Vote notifications will disappear from the main GUI after being read
    • Added unlocks & stolen Orbs to the fight result screen
    • Added a tool-tip to tomes showing the drop chances of scrolls
    • Matched the troop icon in the production sidebar to the troop icons used elsewhere the game
    • Map pin improvements:
      • Added new map pin types: Claim, Don't Touch and Confirm
      • Only 1 map pin per location possible
      • Own map pins will be highlighted in green
      • Leaders can tag a player in a pin and the tagged player will receive a notification
    • Character limit for Realm Announcements increased to 2000 characters
    • Alchemist is now always accessible by clicking on the resource bar in the main GUI


    • When Endgame begins, all ongoing ascensions get canceled.

    What do you think of these changes?

    Your Arkheim team

    P.S. Remember to read how the new endgame works and what has been improved!