08.09.2020 Further changes for S3 Endgame

  • Dear Ascendants,

    Endgame is coming closer and most of you are probably already familiar with the new Endgame concept.

    We have now made further adjustments to the Endgame, which we would like to share with you.

    Recent changes to the concept:


    • The object previously known as Eternal Gate will not function as "Gate" anymore but will produce Eternal Orbs.
      Therefore, it will be renamed to Eternal Anvil.
    • Four Eternal Anvils will appear on each Map. They are named Samuda, Duka, Magga and Niro

    Not going to implement for now:

    • No optional defense bonus at the Eternal Anvil
    • The production time of troops during Endgame will not be halved.
    • The Warlord speed during Endgame (for Fallen and regular Warlords) will not be doubled.
    • The Assembly phase to start a mission will not be set to 20 for Eternal Anvils.


    • It will be possible to start missions to an inactive Eternal Anvil. However, when Warlords arrive at the Anvil while it is still inactive, the Warlords will immediately turn back.

    All other rules remain unchanged and you can read about them here :)

    Your Arkheim - Realms at War team