Tower stuck as being raided

  • I have a tower that was being raided once, but now it's stuck and I can't do anything with it anymore.

    1. What is your ingame name?


    2. Which area of the game is affected?


    3. When did the error first occur? Please include your time zone.

    26.08.2020? somewhere around this day. It'd been stuck for a couple of days.

    4. Please describe the problem in as much detail as you can. Even if an information seems unimportant, it could give us a clue.

    The tower was being raided, but afterwards it kept on displaying as "raiding: 00:00:00". It doesn't allow me to deconstruct it. I can still donate to it. I've sent warlord there to "defend" the raid, but that did nothing. The raiding version of the tower shows up on the map. Hitpoint are 100/100.

    5. How often did you encounter the error?

    Always since it's been in this state, but only at this tower.

    6. Can you reproduce the error? Please describe the steps that will lead to the error occurring.

    No idea, sorry.

    7. Please provide some information about your operating system and browser/mobile phone

    Windows 10 & Windows Edge 85.0.564.41 (Official build) (64-bits)