A Game in Danger

  • The developers are reaching breaking point fast. What is intended to build competition creates destruction instead. On Tragonos the situation now is that totally unacceptable social behaviour has gained much ground. One example is players from The Wild Hunt not understanding anymore that there is only a game. They are sending blackmailing threats of unacceptable communicative standards. And, as much communication with other realms has provided evidence, they are by far not the only ones doing so.

    The situation now is that the big realms are truly terrorising those preferring a more relaxed way. Yes, there is the option of retreat. But it is meaningless. On Tragonos, a realm retreats and replaces one of those unsocially behaving "terrorists" just by another one. There are clear limits to what must be accepted. The term of psychopathic behaviour, which can be expected to be applicable in quite a number of players' cases, is not distant.

    One retreat OK, but when that remains meaningless, then developers risk that a significant number of players will leave for good very soon, while further ones will not come back for the next round. That may change the whole game's future. There is a very good game, but it has turned against itself without doubt.

    It's the developpers' decision, whether they want to do something and when. But it will not be wrong to assume that the clock is ticking. It is not the bullied players having to retreat, it is about sanctions against those permanently bullying, whether openly or more refined does not make any difference.

  • Even if I don't know the story behind your post I agree with the general statement:
    "Diplomacy" is turning this server into a shark tank. I can think of several reasons for this unhealthy development which have all been mentioned in different contexts. I will try to summarize them.

    - Ascension order and circles:
    The current island and ascension mechanics lead to realms of entirely different strength and power (in production, troops, etc.) being located close to each other. I.e. the realm that ascends 13th will be located next to 2nd, realm 19 next to third, etc. This causes a huge imbalance between neighbours which is even more severe because of the short distances and travel times on the map.

    - Incentive to fight:

    Fighting equally strong realms is disadvantageous. It costs troops and time in which realms can neither collect orbs for next ascension nor clear supplies or amass war potential. And between realms of similiar strength there isn't much to win. This leads to agreements and NAPs between them and orbs, soul energy and XP are 'farmed' by attacking the weaker ones who cannot do much against an attacker 5x their strength and degree of organization.

    - Mass is what counts:

    Wars, if there are any, are rarely conducted as 1vs1. Realms look out for possible confeds and ally themselves with as many others as they can find. The FFA-principle of the game is twisted around by countless negotiations. And everyone knows: If you cannot manage to get a NAP the vultures will fly free on those who are not part of their allies and who could not become a part of any other team.

    And since fighting is not beneficial for those who want to be in shape for winning the server on island4 they will always try to achieve as much as possible with least damage for themselves. The answer is 'diplomacy' .

    'Diplomacy' barely means agreements between equals for the benefit of both. Towards smaller realms diplomacy has turned into "offer enough to satisfy the stronger, else they will just take it". Prey without a fight, surrender without a war. And if you are unlucky enough to stumble into a war the price for peace gets even higher.

    This is inavoidable since there is not much choice about what you could want to achieve: Orbs. Territory. Mass. Give or take.

    This sounds as if the bigger realms were all bunches of bullies without any idea of respect towards others. Ofc that's not the case. They are just in the same tight spot. Napping all the smaller ones around or leaving them alone.... no way. Where should they get orbs from? With every nap they make a possible orb source vanishs. And with every nap they *dont* make they leave a possible ally to their opponent. Which can backfire pretty quick as previous servers and islands have shown.

    => For the bigger realms a nap for tribute remains the only logical conclusion.

    And since the game is FFA in its core all these talks and negotiations take part in discord where noone has control over who talks to who, what threats are imposed and and which temptations are offered. And ofc some people are carried away by their own strength and superiority and behave... well. Shabby.

    The game needs a diplomacy system. And the game needs mechanics that encourage realms fight equal opponents and that separate the sharks from the smaller fishes.

  • Problem is the mentality of players this is a game that goes for two month and players are simply chickens.

    Look there will be only one winner and 9 loser and rest will not be even considered as losers. if you are not going to gang up on strongest realm in the neighborhood you will never find a chance to be winner not even loser your realm will be nothing but orb slaves.

    So just gang up on a strong realm together with weak realm and drag them down delay their progress. they will not even have chance to counter if you gang up.

  • I waited to write this, but here it goes.

    I am not a excelent player, nor a great player, of this game, i am just a guy that played travian for around 13 years, since 2007.

    I came here from a ad somewere to check out the latest game from TG, since i was kinda "homesick" from travian.

    This is the second round i played, so i cant say even that i am a old player, altho the game is not that old. :P

    My first phrase is, as i was in travian, and is in life, your only as good as your word.

    From what i saw in my first round and experienced in this, what this game DOES NOT need is a diplomacy system.

    Having a diplomacy system will only validate, morally or by the "rules" or system, all the discord negociation from behind that people talk about now.

    The game is evolving to Meta realms/teams as travian did, and started to die out.

    This is a slipery slope, ahh those 2 realms joined up, so should we, and so on.

    Dont do that to this game.

    Each realm should fight for theire own goals, whatever they may be.

    One day i might like my north neigbour the other day i may not, thats how it is.

    About zerging realms, in every game the strong alliances/realms/guilds pray one way or another on the smaller counterparts.

    Its the way all games work, cant remember a game were helping others gained you something.

    What is wrong is all or many or some of the top realms/alliances/teams joining under one pseudo-flag to zerg all others that oposes them or just all others.

    If Barcelona/Real sumed all they points, they would win La Liga every year, and so on.

    Its a poor example, but passes a concept or image.

    In this game a big realm, with big WP, can take on many small realms meta, about the sum of theire WP power versus the big realm WP, if all know how to play the map, its an even match up, with slight advantage even to the smaller realms groups that have more WL to use, but the big realm, in the other hand can refill WL easier or for more time then the smaller realms. Depends on the point of view of each person.

    When 2 or 3 or 4 big realms join up, no other combined force of realms can win a prolonged battle in this scenario.

    The game does not allow it, no matter how good you may be, thus retuning us to the paragraph before, zerging realms via diplo.

    Like i said, each realm should fight for theire goals, for theire players, for theire game, not others.

    Like someone said in a previous post, only one realm wins, diplomacy will only "validate more winners" and wont benefit the smaller realms.

    Of course in MY personal opinion.

    My 2 cents on this matter

  • Avalanche, when Murx attacked Bavarian Kings last server, you basically broke down and walked away from the fight. You created chaos and convinced most members to join another realm to 'take over' on the previous island. Even voting their members out to create room for the 'old' BK members. That is toxic behaviour. When BK+ was getting attacked by CM on the last island, you left without really defending. You calling again that it is lost and it is game over. The other leader defending all night asked for you help and you ignored her. The new realm you joined you basically were farming GT all day long.

    As for some time ago; yes, TWH requested orbs in trade of not attacking you guys. Also offering you help against neighbours when needed. Yeah diplo is hard, but I saw the screens and I saw worse things happening in this game. Things went quite nice and you basically are screaming for 'I am getting bullied again and I am going to report you'. Maybe this game is not for you...

    This is a war game and diplomatic stuff will always happen. Especially in this game since all realms can see eachother warlords hopping around. If people like to play sim city and have no PvP at all, then oke. I would like to see where the games is more focused on PvE first and get slowly more into PvP. Also I would like to see a realm start to have secret objectives that enables them access to the next island, some victory points or give them an orbs reward.

    For example: starting on i1 with basic stuff; upgrading x nodes, clearing x GT and placing x towers.
    Second island: upgrade x nodes/towers, clearing even more nodes, have a total amount of x fallen, raid x enemy towers.
    Third island: conquer x enemy towers, kill x enemy troops, steal x orbs from y realm
    Fourth island: destroy x portals, claim x conquered towers, kill x enemy troops, have x amount of time spend conquering enemt towers from y realm

    Also i would like to have more PvE events at the start of the game.

    If you ever played Travian, you know you can lose all your progress you made in one night if everyone started to attack you. In this game you have your village and that is safe. A realm can be build up very fast if your members are active in the realm. If you cannot be active, maybe it is just beter to stick on a lower island. Players choose to ascend and how further realms come to the last island how harder it will be.

    Good luck with your realm and playing the game.