Sharing my personal experience

  • Let's start this simple,..

    I'm playing this game now for my second round; the first round I started 2 weeks to late and oh boy try to catch that up as F2P... there's just no way, still I made it to Island 4. And was really excited for the next Server to start.. Since my former realm leader did everything to get us to Island 4; she needed to take a break bc this was a lot of "bullshit" for her and so on...

    Now being on this spot by myself,.. had a lot of personal issues getting into the game.. bc of this diplomacy bullshit going on,.. I mean sure this game is kind of based on diplomacy,.. but tbf how should anyone beat the "we are competitive" realms - as "FUN" - realm.. there's just no way, if u want "FUN" in this game, stay on Island 2 as long u can - go up on the last week and just unleash the beast. Bc playing this game in the TOP - 10 is just giving u depressions with the bulliness of the higher realms. For the higher realms it's literally you can't be offline, you have to just spend to much from your personal time into diplomacy, argue over stuff so unnecessary. Personally, I'm not thinking of playing another round of this game, since I don't need this toxicity in my life.

    So the only 2 options for your friends and your realm is to retreat; or play this game as slaves.

    But let's start the real story by now,.. I invested a lot of my private time to calculate stuff on excel and helping out my realm & friendly players in everything I could probably do.

    I tried to reach out for a realm to start some diplomacy got first of totally ignored from 1 person reached out to the next one - (s)he told me to reach out for the next persons; alright I wrote the next ones - 2,.. 3 hours no reply from both of them. Yea feels like being the fool in here, right?

    Oh, and now we (all of my realm - leaders) getting trash talked, funny how things turns out.

    The same day I got invited into a shady discord chat, with 2 strangers in it asking us for help explaining me the situation etc. So I agreed to help them because I felt bad over the situation they were in. Unfortunately at the same time the other side of this bullshit diplomacy war contacted me as well. So I agreed without talking to my realm to join in; shortly before we had like a big issue to solve. Which ended up to remove 2 of our players. - So we had intern troubles to face, while me and 1 stranger of my realm helped the asking realm a bit on defending their towers. - At that point of this diplomacy war, mentally I was so done. - Talked a lot with another diplomat about the feelings going on and what (s)he was thinking of that situation ended up with us both crying over the situation.

    At the same time my realm was going to break, because one of my friends told me I'm taking to much decisions alone and he just don't have the fun anymore he had last server. So I quitted for my realm the ongoing war of snipping towers to defend to get myself back to the level I started this game. Just to apologize to my realm members for being so selfish in my decisions etc. And guys what are u thinking happened after the one asking us for help lost? AH!, you guys are right, we just got bullied into slavery - or death. Because it's not enough for them to just simply won the war; no how dared I to think of that.. really pathetic of me since I saw the toxicity before.

    Just one example of getting bullied after the war ended.

    Started not that bad I guess, but well there's a lot I just can't publish freely so a bit of context is missing but the persons in this topic know exactly what's going on so feel free to trash talk me here again. - about me being impolite.

    I mean welcome to diplomacy of smaller realms - the only reason they overrun the help asking realm, was bc we stopped snipping the towers with raids.

    But yea since they won and there is nothing to fight for - why not bully us out as well. I don't wanna know who they are going to bully after we are gone.

    Atleast I was so nice and "Blanked" the person and the kind of "important" messages. And well next step of bullying it's not enough to get rid of one persons private time no, no.. let's write every leader of my realm a message as well, maybe you can split the realm in 2. I think if I didn't turned myself against my decision that day - as a friend come to me to talk about, this would've worked out well. But we are playing like a family again. And I'm not going to watch your toxicity going onto my friends.

    All my Realm - Leaders got this message :

    Actually I think this is pretty funny, how far some realms are going. - I seriously sometimes don't know what to do crying or laughing at this mess of a game. Oh and I forgot I told someone of "this realm of the screenshots" that we are leaving the fights; and only got an "OK"ish answer back. But ye let the big ones bully us.

    In the end, why would anyone care? since it's none of their business. - but if the game keeps going this way. - I don't see light at the end of the tunnel since there is only 2 option left - being on the top as a toxic diplomacy snake or sitting down on I2 and try to have fun until all the toxicity is moving to island 4.

    Feel free to share your thoughts -

    Thx for reading this whole nonsense.

    (Screenshots of private discussions removed by CM. Please ask for the permission of all participants before publishing private discussions)

  • Diplomacy in arkheim is bullshit. Firstly i though that was a key to the game, basically. But now, after last round and this one, as far as it went, either big realms or arkheim itself will take this to different direction. i though of arkheim as something new after travian, but now it just seems its even worse. Not even mentioning about p2w key....

  • this is a small "day drama " brought to light, imagine being hit with this 5-10 times daily by various players. It's a lot and I believe something has to change as it truly is making it not a "GAME" that we all look to to relieve the stress of real life. Mad props to all diplomats for the hell they livin in now

  • First of all thxs for sharing your opinion.

    To be honest it's true that diplomacy can be very harsh, but it's also true that balance of the game is now based around strong realms attacking smaller ones, sure every now and then some big wars do broke out later in the game, but it's a different kind of situation. Since u need space and orbs to go on u are forced to go steal, and since there is almost no advantage to go fight someone on your level or stronger, it's "natural" to go fight smaller targets.The only reason to ever go against a strong realm is containment or victory.

    Then ofc this does not excuse a poor behavior in diplomacy, but i think some people tend to blame diplomacy a little too much these days. It's the harsh truth that realms that go in the middle of the fight will need to use diplomacy to survive, and they will likely have to sacrifice something to gain an alliance or a DP or a NAP from another realm.
    Again this does not mean realms can go around insulting people (not accusing anyone, it's a general example), that's ofc a very toxic behavior, but i'm saying the actions themselves are not derived from that, they will happen regardless, that's not an excuse ofc but it's important to divide the 2 things.

    For example now a lot of strong realms from the center of i3 are starting to look around them in search of targets, is it because their are evil? no, it's because they need orbs and good towers to keep themselves in the competition, they don't really even have a choice in the matter, at that point again i will reiterate that it's important that we all try to be civil about it, ofc a little heated "war talk" is fine, but everyone should know where the line is and not go over that.

    Also small note, p2w is not as impactfull as some people may think, the road to victory is built on activity, then often those that do have a lot of activity tend to also spend some money on the game, but activity alone can be very powerful already. it's also true that p2w can get VERY expensive, and the advantages gained can often be pretty small in the realm scale.

    In the end a difference in strategy, efficiency and activity will almost always trample the difference in money spent.


  • somewhere in the rules of the game, there must be some sort of rl anti bully and extortion rule, no? if so where does one report such a persons. i am sure that the entire realm would not agree for one of their players to actually threaten and bully a weaker realm into submission. or does arkheim agree with these actions that is why the retreat function was created? im sure that is not the case... i hope. but folks some thing must be done with these kind of people. i know its a war game but belittling and bullies have no place in any world. and i ask the dev team to first give us a place to report these people and have mods review the reports and either kick from game for major offensives and a 3 day ban for medium offense and a dev warning for minors. since the goal of the devs is to provide an enjoyable environment, please help!

  • i didn't wanna weight in the actual example but i guess i will, without even considering how complex the real diplomatic situation is, "him/her" is not talking to you directly but to the realm you are part of and he's doing so also not as himself but as the realm he is part of (u can notice him almost always using the plural for himself and for you, it might not be clear since "he/her" is not an English native speaker but that's what's happening). (and in the general case conversations between leaders are often between the fictional leaders players are assuming the role of, i have had heated and angry discussions with other leaders but then pleasant ones right after when we switched to talking as players/people, ofc u should still always be polite and never insult anyone EVER) .

    what i think is that this is a war game, as long as it's between fictional entities inside the game like realms/leaders, threatening another realm, or demanding from them compensation or anything else can not be compered to bullying someone for real, one could say Arkheim in diplomacy is very much a role play game.

    (Real bullying is a tragedy of modern society and an often, unfortunately, underestimated problem that require a knowledge to discuss about it that i don't presume to have. )

    I don't really like how "he/her" went to the other leader talking about it in this way but other than that it is true that "he/her" was pretty calm, he didn't insult you, he made a request as a realm to your realm and explained pretty clearly their in-game motivations for it, was it an unreasonable request? maybe even a little excessive one? doesn't really matter in this conversation from my point of view, if he asked "YOU" as a person to come to him and compensate/apologize for your actions then sure, "he/her" would be in the wrong, but that's not the case from the way i'm looking at this.

    Could "he/her" have worded it better? Probably yes, but as someone already said before (i don't remember who or where) not everyone is a native English speaker, and since we are using text messages it can be VERY easy to interpret it a little differently then what was intended. (There are multiple example i could make but this is an already very long message.)

    There HAVE BEEN some real personal attacks here and there already in this game, more or less serious, and we as a community have failed some times to restrain ourselves on this topic, i am ashamed of it as a part of it, and i do admit i have some regrets myself about situations here and there where i could have done better but i didn't.

    we do get carried away sometimes about in game stuff, we are human, but still we should always leave it inside the game, and not let it spill from it.


  • We found that a strong discord channel is important to keep a realm together and make sure all are happy to head in the same direction. cant do it with just the ingame chat. cut out a lot of confusion in the realm member and gave a place for discussion.

    also when diplomat contacted reply that the question has been placed into our discord channel for discussion and reply's are group consenses. took a lot of the one on one "diplo agro" and "personal attacks" out the equation.

    something this game has done very well is the island system. important that the members of the realm all have the same objective for the 10 weeks or will be fights the whole way. A "fun" realm can target to win island 2, leave island 1 after 4 weeks when I2 has lost the large and competative realms and still be competative.

    Active and fairly competative realms target I3 and if you want to give up sleep for 10 weeks and have harsh diplomacy target I4.

    Dont try be a fun, low activity, realm and think you will be competative and win I4, not going to happen

    Only war game I have come across that lets you set your own realm speed like that which is great.