First 3 days of Arkheim

  • Hello everyone,

    Imagine just joining the game and everything is new. Where to click next, what would be a smart decision, what if one makes a mistake?

    Let me introduce a concept for 'First 3 days of Arkheim'

    Goal: Help newcomers have fun and make good decisions while reaching levels 5, 10 and 15.

    Day 1: Reach level 5

    Day 2: Reach level 10

    Day 3: Reach level 15

    This split in 3 would help newcomers come back the next day or finish all days at once if they feel like it.

    So, the question is:

    What in your opinion are the best decisions to make until you reach level 5. Which buildings, which skills, what else?
    Same with day 2 until you reach level 10. What buildings you have, troops and skills?
    And same for day 3 until you reach level 15.

    Let's gather thoughts and tips, that gives a good start for newcomers.

    Then, let's create an easy to follow, simple and clear step by step guide - with a special mention to all who helped build the guide.

    Let's hear your thoughts and also what sort of images would such guide need? Feel free to post images as well or make wishes what sort of images are needed you aren't able to take yourself at the moment.

    Fun! ^^

  • I had written quite a large writeup for day 1, when I thought to myself: "Samisu, you premise is flawed. It's not important to know what to do each day, it is a lot more important to know how to do each mechanic properly."

    So that is what I will write! Feel free to delete my post, or move it somewhere else if you don't think it fits the theme.

    First of all, there are many different core mechanics. I will be explaining them as they are right now and not regarding how they might change in the future. Do not put any important in the order, I am simply explaining them as I think of them.

    Inside the town:

    1. Goblin camps:

    These guys are placed all the way to the left, of your resource fields. Fighting them provides resources. You should fight them whenever the resources they provide are higher than the resources needed to produce the troops you will lose. There is no combat simulator, so there is not way to calculate exactly how many troops you will lose, however, the stronger your warlord is compared to them, the less troops you lose. Whenever you clear a certain number, you will also finish a quest which in turn gives even more resources and XP.

    2. Resource fields:

    To unlock more resource fields you will have to fight a goblin camp as well. Unlocking new fields both provide you with a new space to build a new resource building, but also rewards you with a quest reward. Just like the goblin camps, you should clear these as often as possible, but make sure you are using a strong enough warlord so that you don't lose all your troops on clearing 1 resource field. Assuming you start playing on day 1, your goal should be at clear at least 7 resource fields, giving you a total of 10 (3 + 7) fields on the first week. Having 8 or 9 fields is in the low end, 10 or 11 is in the middle, and 12 or 13 is really good! This might change as the playerbase improves, but my own thought is that having 10 or 11 fields for the first week is good enough to give you a spot on almost any strong realm.

    3. Unlocking more building space:

    In Arkheim, there are 4 plots locked behind a "goblin" wall. Like the resource fields, beating these guys also rewards you with quest rewards, so even if you have no need for the land, it can be a good idea to clear them just for the resources.

    4. Dungeon and fallen troops:

    In the dungeon you will fight undead creatures with your own fallen troops. Fallen troops are generated whenever your living troops die in combat. You will not lose your fallen when they die in the dungeon. In the early game it is not good to spend all your dungeon tries on level 1. You should fight the highest level dungeon you can win, but if you are close to progressing to the next level then save up our tries.

    I have found 2 different formula's for figuring out if you can beat the next level, the first one is if your army is about half the strength of the total army in the dungeon, you can probably win the fight, and the 2nd one is as long as you have 1.7 times strength of the first guy in the dungeon you should pass it.

    I think that was it for the town. My own recommendation is that you quickly figure out if you want to be a "fighter" or a "simmer". If you sim, you should focus on getting your resource fields as high as possible, and if you are a fighter, you will want to get 1 "full" warlord asap.

    Outside the town:

    1. Training ground:

    In here, you will fight with 3 other players in your realm. I think I speak for almost every high-tier player when I say, most of us would like to see this mechanic gone from the game.

    Either way, you will want to fight with as equal matchups as possible, to kill as many troops as possible, while also loosing as many troops as possible, to get maximum xp out of this. It is basicly an XP farm in the game. That means, using the same 4 warlords and the same troops in all those 4 warlords. It can be very hard to grasp, idk why.

    2. Barricades:

    Barricades are “larger” versions of the goblin camps you find in town. Every 12 hours a goblin barricade will spawn, and you should do them every day for both the resources they give, but also the ark XP, which is what your realm needs to level up.

    3. Supplies:

    Supplies are the single most important thing in the game, in my opinion. Supplies are all locked behind goblins. When you beat the goblins you own the suply. You can only fight supplies that are in your realms borders. Which I will get to in my next point. Each supply provides resources every 24 hours. The supply in the picture is an infantry troop supply, which will provide infantry every 24 hours, for everyone in the realm.

    There are supplies for wood, crop, iron, infantry, cavalry and artillery. As it is now, troop supplies are much more important than the resource supplies. In my own realm, we say that, if a tower does not hold at least 1 troop supply, then it is a bad tower. That is not to say that we won't keep a tower holding 2 or 3 resource supplies, but when we hit the maximum tower amoun, we will switch the "bad" towers with "better" towers.

    Which leads me to:

    4. Towers:

    The goal of a tower is 2-fold. The first goal is to store orbs. Towers both produce orbs and store orbs, which are needed for when a realm wants to go to a higher island. The second objective of towers is to hold supplies. A tower can only be placed within the border of another tower, and supplies can only be taken while inside a towers borders, and will only produce resources or troops while influenced by a tower.

    the best towers hold 4 supplies, and decent towers hold 3 supplies. In my opinion, for a tower to hold 2 supplies or less, it must either be troop supplies, or simply because you have no where else to put the tower that is better.

    There are currently 2 "kinds" of spots which are always good to have. The first is the gates:

    The gates will always allow you to build 3 towers for 10 supplies, and they are always troop supplies, which makes them perfect spots for your realm! However, they are often contested by other realms as well, so you will need to build towards them fast, or fight for them.

    The 2nd very good spot is the "middle". For every 6 realms, there is a "middle" which is also a great spot to own, but where you will be faced with competition as well.

    Some general notes:


    In the beginning you will not have many troops available, so it is important you fill your warlord 1 slot at a time. Picture 1 is the example of a bad warlord, and picture 2 is the example of a good warlord:



    After the 1st slot is filled you can move on to the 2nd and finally the 3rd.

    It is very important to note that, in mid game, most players will have 1 slot, either the 1st or the 2nd on their warlord with most buffs, meaning that slot will account for 50-90% of a warlord's strength.

    Now, I think I have explained most of the basic mechanics, so let me move on to the town, and what you should be focusing on your first 3 days. I am going to assume you are starting out on your own, with no friends.

    First of all, finish the tutorial, just do as it asks you, no more, no less.

    Secondly, you should think about whether you want to maximize troops first or resources. I recommend focusing on resources, as a new player, but if you are confident you can go for troops.

    Focusing on troops means building a barracks quickly to get the extra troops from the quest, as well as building troops on day 1. You will want to build troops, so you can have a strong warlord, and thereby fight the goblins in your town 24/7, and also unlock new resource plots and land as the quest reward gives you more resources than you lose.

    If you go for resources, you should still build the barracks for the quest reward troops, but your main focus should be just upgrading your resource fields. Focussing on resource fields for the first 3 days is a great way to find yourself in a good realm. It shows that you know income is important, and having high resource fields will make you able to donate to the realms supplies, which is really important throughout the whole game.

    If you focus on troops, you should have 1 warlord completely full by day 2. It’s a little high of a goal, but it’s definitely doable, and why aim low?

    Your goal for the first 3 days is to focus on yourself, that means your resources and your troops. Even if you focus on troops, once you have your first full warlord, you should switch to increasing your resource fields, so you don’t fall behind.

    Focussing on yourself means you stand stronger, and that way you can bargain your way into a decent realm who is still looking for players.

    Regarding resources, it is unique in this game that you can choose each and building. Some players have 18 wood or iron production buildings and 0 of the others, some have 6 wood, 6 iron and 6 crop buildings. Some have 9 wood and 9 iron, some have 6 wood, 9 iron and 3 crop etc. I have seen players with various methods, and no matter what you do, it can all work out somehow. The largest benefits of going 18 of 1 resource type and 0 of the other 2 is that you only need to build 4 of the “extra” buildings, whereas if you have even 16 iron, 1 wood and 1 crop, you will be forced to build 12 of the “extra” production buildings. These are:

    Foundries - gives extra iron

    Sawmills - gives extra wood

    Windmills - gives extra crop

    However, the less balanced your production buildings are, the more you will need to spend money on the game for “alchemy”, which is used to redistribute your resources. For instance, I only have wood production buildings, so I save a lot of time because I only need to build sawmills, and no foundries or windmills, however, whenever I need iron or crop I need to spend a scroll or 80 sapphires to turn my wood into other resources.

    So, for your first game I recommend you to build somewhat equal of all production buildings, and then you can decide for your 2nd game if you think the investment is worth it to go single res.

    I think that was all I had to say. I hope this helps someone. If not :shrugs:

    - Khrawn

  • I forgot masteries, and apparantly my first post is too long so a short writeup here:

    For masteries you should max resource production first. After that it is basicly whatever you want. I like to increase initiative, so I hit first and lose less troops when fighting the goblins. If you are a dwarf you can max the building % speed increase as well quite early on. If you are confused about masteries, go the the statistics tab, and press on the highest leveled elf / dwarf depending on what you are, and you can see their masteries. You can always message them and ask why they have the masteries that they do. I have found all players more than willing to share stuff, as long as you keep it personal about them, and not about their realm.

  • There are a few tricks I think are important, but in general i think Khrwan said most of the stuff i would have written:

    -quest early game are very useful, especially troops production ones, since u need anti goblin troops to clear supplies on the map and camps in your town anyway.

    -apart from anti goblin to do the tasks above you shouldn't produce any other type of troop, pvp troops are a waste of resources at the start of the game.

    -focus everything on upgrading your production, don't upgrade military buildings.