Arkheim Trivia Night - Questions and Sapphires!

  • Ascendants,

    We invite you to put down your weapons for a while and join the digital Tavern of Arkheim 'The Flying Pint' to relax, have some mead, and challenge the QuizMaster.

    The QuizMaster has prepared some questions for you to test your knowledge about the world of Arkheim and he'll throw Sapphires at those who have the answers to his questions (or at those who are nice, he'll decide then).


    Date & Time:

    The Arkheim Trivia Night starts this Saturday, 1st of August at 6PM CEST. To join, just be in the Tavern on our official Discord Server at the indicated time.


    There will be 4 waves. Each wave has 5 questions (resulting in 20 questions in total).

    With every wave, questions will become a bit more difficult. More difficult questions will give you more Sapphires:

    The first Tavern guest to type the correct reply to a question wins the Sapphires!

    • 1st Wave: 50 Sapphires for the first who types the correct answer to a question
    • 2nd Wave: 100 Sapphires for the first to types the correct answer to a question
    • 3rd Wave: 150 Sapphires for the first to type the correct answer to a question
    • 4th Wave: 200 Sapphires for the first to type the correct answer to a question

    Answers must be without typos!

    Winning players:

    If the QuizMaster happens to decide that you gave the correct answer to a question, send him a direct message with your ingame name so you can receive the well-deserved Sapphires on your account.


    • All questions will be in English and answers are accepted in English only.
    • Excessive disturbance of the event (spamming, flooding, insulting, ...) may result in being kicked from the tavern (paid drinks won't be refunded)

    Any questions? Post them in this thread :S

    No questions? Then, see you in The Flying Pint, Ascendants!