Low hardware mode

  • If its possible add a option to run the game in low spec mode, without animations,etc.. I running a intel 4000 HD Graphics its native from my notebook, yeah its to old but we need to think in accessibility, thats a browser game and much peoples that dont have a strong hardware configuration come to play a lot of browser games !

  • Hello Eraggon,

    in fact there should be already a short benchmark at the beginning with different setting and the game should disable some gfx options when your machine is not fast enough. Can you please load the game with the Javascript console open (ctrl+shift+j) and see if there are some lines like:

    and past your stats here?



  • Firefox

    Chrome with settings of this topic Fixing game load on Chrome

    1. Normal FPS: 8
    2. 3544178c924aac8c5129f2d974d60dd7.js:4 With Particles FPS: 2
    3. 3544178c924aac8c5129f2d974d60dd7.js:4 With Shadows FPS: 4
    4. 3544178c924aac8c5129f2d974d60dd7.js:4 With PostProcess FPS: 2
    5. 3544178c924aac8c5129f2d974d60dd7.js:4 With Highlights FPS: 2