PVP guide for Beginners

  • PVP guide for Beginners

    PVP is one of the most important things in Arkheim. It is a war-game, ergo fighting is essential. If you have started this game and do not understand why those unfriendly types are attacking your towers? And more importantly you are trying to defend and nothing is working, don’t cry. Start to PvP.

    First and foremost – there are anti goblin troops and PVP troops. Read the descriptions on the units and use them properly. Farm goblins with anti-goblins and conserve PVP for fighting with other players. That’s essential knowledge.

    Secondly – fill up your Warlords – sending them half full or units missing increases your loses.

    Third- use proper equipment. Certain items are solely dedicated for cavalry or infantry or artillery – if you insert them wrongly, they do nothing.

    Fourth – in the beginnings maximize strength masteries - not capacity of each slot. Why? Simple – you will not have too much units. It’s important to maximize the strength of what you have.

    Fifth – Use Training ground to understand how certain units or WL fight with opponents. Experiment there. Analyse reports.

    Sixth- There are different types of WL – on the beginnings you need to unlock them. ( except you can buy WL pack) When you do – you will see they can be using one type units- like only infantry or only cavalry – or they can be mixed. ( that’s very important for future fights)

    Seventh. – Always check from where you are joining the attack – and what is the time. Like check 3 times. Just to be sure.

    Eight. – Economy first! Always maximize your eco. Without eco you will soon run dry. End of story.

    Now something more advanced.

    This Game offers a certain tactical advantages, that properly used can decide over Battles.

    This topic can be divided on two subjects. MAS (large groups) and SINGLE PVP. Some can say defence and attack but that’s secondary and in reality makes no difference while the mechanics is almost the same now.

    Let’s start from single PVP:

    When you attack someone or defend try to analyse troops opponent is using. One by one note His troops affinity. By each WL

    I’m mixing old graphics with new changes. Sorry for that. Its hard to keep up with the DEVS.


    Example 1: Attacker was using a lot of Infantry against Artillery. One type WL

    To kill him most efficiently - You can use : For DWARF – THUNDRJAWS ( they are not artillery and have + 50% against infantry. For ELF perfect is Petrifier – against infantry but not artillery or Cavalry / Alternatively Blackchunch or Whisperer is also the best troop.

    Dwarfs here can use Valkyrians- but they are a basic unit – to week to be any of use in more advanced fights. Equalizers would end up at 0. Both affinities nullify itself. And Artillery heroes have low capacity mostly.

    Make a Note : 3 times Infantry- anti artillery. – than you look up your WL and choose the one that can counter it effectively. And make a note : Aurora : 3 times Petrifier ( anti infantry). ( that was perfect matching here.) Its simple because its Only Infantry WL vs Only Infantry Wl. Simple to counter. Simple to choose troops.

    EXAMPLE 2:

    Also Single type WL against Single type WL: This time the matchup was worse… because attacker was having Affinity against elves and elves were against cavalry. The effect was Simple – lost fight. Petrifies were a loth better here. Situation similar to previous regarding troop type.

    Note : 3 times – INFANTRY – One against art, two against elves. ( this would be nice to kill by Dwarfs equipped with horses or mountain crushers.)


    Prefect matching Gives not Only 50% + in attacking. But also gives 50% def bonuses. So you can fight wit a 30 % stronger opponent and still win.

    Example 3:

    This is more complicated:

    Atacker has : Infantry +50 % against artillery / Artillery against Dwarf +35% and Horses against Horses +50 % - Defender Cav against Dwarf +35 / Cav against Artilery +50 and Arthilery agains Arth +50%.

    The mixture of bonuses is on defender side. Its to complicated to describe shortly.

    Its very hard To counter Mixed WL – you can’t predict all, and the main factor is to try adjust two units and maximize power of your WL.

    That’s basics: if you understand the idea try to work like that in training grounds. Try to match WL against the rest – concerning power and troop affinity. Training ground is not just and exp farm. Most PPL think so and send troops on random there. Think about it first. Maximize damage, maximize the exp.

    Pair up exactly the same WL – you will see what happens.

    That was basics for 1vs1 combat. If you see stationary defender on Watch – you can kill it and max exp gained and minimize loss. Its fun game.

    Practical Usage. Setting traps.

    Setting traps is easy. Tower marked A is a perfect spot for attack. Marked towers 1,2,3 must be conquered or raided. Send your troops on watch to tower A.

    Large spectrum of troops. 6 WL minimum. Attack each or single tower with One WL. Use the weakest ones. And wait for counter. With a bit of luck opponent will send a weak response for weak attacking force. Just enough to kill. And there is your opening. Support towers before arrival of reinforcements. Apply countering WL to kill the reinforcements. With a bit of luck you will gain lots of exp and conquer/raid one or two towers.

    Now large group PVP.

    Matching up WL

    Fighting forces always are matched by strength of WL. Strongest fights the strongest. Next in line goes for next in line from opposing party. And so on. When the que goes empty its starts again.

    Basics for group PVP is to use all that knowledge from single combat. When you see a stationary army waiting to attack or defend - try to match up 3 first opposing WL. And send 3 WL that will kill the strongest there with minimal costs. ON Watch status gives such possibilities when defending against raids. It requires time an precise notes – WL by WL down – with info what is coming. It can be done – ( not on mobile – lag is too big mostly).

    Proper countering is advanced skill. Few players do it properly. Some just do not bother to acquire that knowledge. Having minimum 1 person in realm that can defend like that is essential for wars. Can save your realm.

    So Practice – practice

    Cerulian Tankard Technique.

    Cerulian + Tankard + Aschbrain (Elf WL + 1 Initiative costs money – use it if you can afford that) = those are 3 most important WL in this game for mass fights. Ignoring that is just stupid. All of them give mass bonuses up to 20 other WL gathered. So if you have 60 to 120 WL in group fight all bonuses summarise. That’s 15 players time 3% - 45% bonus it’s a damn lot… both def and offence. And INITIATIVE never underestimate that.

    Initiative can decide about any battle – and a specially mas battles. ALWAYS use +1 initiative WL. When going against mas foe.

    Who attacks first deals a lot damage to all 3 opposite troop= With affinity that’s =50% Damage done. If you can use Critical damage gear – one critic can overcome opponent.

    Matching Times – joining a fights has a time limit. ALWAYS look what you are joining when going to attack /defend. Join from a wrong place and all is lost. You DELAY All others from minutes to hours. Effects can be devastating. Lost portals, lost orbs. Failed coordinated attack. You decide what to f…up.

    All this factors must be coordinated and considered when fighting. Combination of all that knowledge + experience can give proficiency in PVP in this game. Its one of the most complicated and demanding fighting systems I have played. That’s why I love it so much. So FIGHT Smart. Check opposing forces and do not trust numbers. Boosted troop capacity its just a faster way to loose troops. Power is more effective.

    Specialize – choose WL and troops you like AND PRACTICE!