Fixing game load on Chrome

  • I have some problems too on load this game on chrome, iam web developer so i did a advanced search and i find how to load this game on chrome. (on Mozilla Firefox its load without any configuration).

    Maybe its a guide to run the game with a low hardware computer (or not).

    Here iam running a Intel Graphics 4000 its a native graphic board of my notebook (its a piece of trash)..

    So lets begin: Go to chrome: chrome://settings/ -> scroll down to advanced options and disable "hardware acceleration".

    Open the image attached and config equal it ! Now restart chrome and open the game, have fun !!

    I think its not load because the game/chrome force to use graphics cards in "hardware accelaration", as you can see i set the last config to D3D11 that means DirectX11, if u dont know you directX version open windows start menu and search for "dxdiag" it will show you directX version. (after game window load its give a message that will runing in "software", that means its running without any graphic cards, and u will see the game running with slow FPS).

    Go ignore and continue..

    if u click "show me..."

    it goes to…59448-How-to-enable-WebGL
    that have a several informations about webGL

    sorry for bad english, thats not my native language ;(

  • Uh! You really recommend playing in software rendering mode? I won't do that. That will give you much less than 10 fps and for me I would consider that unplayable.

    i recommend play on firefox if u are in trouble with chrome, here take a 10 FPS too but for me its playable but in slow mode