The Coalition of Arkheim. (from the point of view of Silver Vales)

  • There have been a lot of opinions and discussions about the CoA so this report wants to give an insight into it from our realm prospective.

    Being a friendly realm we had positive relations with a lot of other realms, mainly Obathis and RON, from the beginning so we weren't surprised when RON asked us if we were interested in a coalition for i3 to stop the giant evil lurking in the server, Murx!

    Honestly we knew from the beginning of the server Murx was gonna be Murx again and steamroll through everything, it was an inevitability already.

    As it's probably known the idea of the coalition started from RON, so we all got invited into a new disc server and started brainstorming.

    Ofc the moment Obathis arrived in the server Sirona started bombarding us with awesome memes like this one:

    So in short, it was a great start.

    One at the time we all arrived in that chat and started discussing what was gonna be our plan regarding ascension to i3, we had a couple of days so we had time, and we all based everything on this beautiful relic from last server but still very useful since the system did not change.

    But while we started to talk about it became clear it was gonna be very hard to have a chat with so many voices, we were around 20 or more people from 6 realms:

    Ancients, Arkadia, Dreca, Obathis, RON and Silver Vales.

    So there was the first proposal to establish order in all this chaos:

    At that point we started working on the structure of the coalition, which was gonna be called the Coalition of Arkheim, or CoA from short, i'm still not sure who came up with it but i thought it was cheeky enough to be a great name.

    Sylania and me took the job of writing the Terms of Service of the CoA based on everything that was written in chat, ofc it's impossible to share everything, but we did have multiple walls of text about this and more. The representative system that arkadia first brought up was later reworked into the "speakers" system and it probably the reason we managed to achieve cooperation between everyone and not implode in the first week.

    A Speaker was then brought forward from each of the 6 and the first council of the speakers took place, where we all finally voted on the last draft of the ToS, which is will share: ToS CoA.pdf

    After laying down the base of the CoA we started to work on the plan, ascension day was coming and we weren't sure what was the best strategy, and to make matter worse it seemed like the first 2 spots of ascension were gonna be blocked off cuz of a bug, luckily the dev team corrected this in time for ascension.

    In the end we decided to divide us in 2 groups the first one would rush ascension gate and the second would wait and watch Murx's moves and then start ascension after them.

    In the end it worked pretty well, Murx ended up in a perfect spot for our containment plan. We basically were copying their TITANS measures from last server, only with x6 number of warlords. And then after finishing ascension and putting down the first few circles of tower the plan started.

    ( a first plan on the containment system, with red circles to mark portal placement for a first outer wall)

    It was pretty straight forward and there is a post about it here that is very detailed: Arkheim in Flames | War-Report

    Honestly nobody expected their following move, their escape to i2, it really surprised us. Nobody really thought a whole realm could escape like that.

    We were really baffled by it, but we knew they were gonna come back as soon as they could so we started to make plans for that.

    There was also a few ideas to follow them there with a few strong players to keep them on i2 but it wasn't an idea we liked, felt a little too abusive.

    At that point the focus became consolidate our positions on i3 and gather the orbs for ascension, it was then that what i personally think was the most funny event of the server took place.

    Sylania, my co-leader of SV, went to Dark Judges asking for their orbs, in reality there was no way we were ever gonna attack DJ, there were far and had portal set up, we had other plans, it was more something like "maybe it can work?" "why not try it" in our minds, but i can understand they felt threatened enough to go to war with the CoA. Still, i find it very funny since it was Sylania that caused this, and for those who don't know her she's one of the most amicable and kind leaders in this game, but now she will forever be known as Sylania the Cruel! hahahahahahahhah

    So the war started! But not only there! Cookie Monster and FnF attacked Obathis, GG was already fighting with Arkadia, and later Water Dancers broke their NAP with us and attacked us (we signed a NAP at the beginning of i3 with the possibility to break it with a 24h truce, which is how the broke it with us).

    Our problem was how far the other realms of the CoA were, so we lost a lot of territory in the beginning, mainly because DJ had a portal near our north border that we ironically decided at the time to leave be to avoid war. xD

    WD in white and DJ is red pushing toward our Ark:

    In the mean time Murx managed to ascend, we did have a few plans but in reality there were too far from us to actually do something directly:

    At that point SV was very weak, we lost a lot of power defending against 2 realms, RON did propose to swap some weaker players of ours for some strong of them to help us out, but since i really don't like players swapping, i kind of stopped that myself from happening.

    So another plan was made, create a safe zone for us and Obathis in another realm territory and used that to store enough orbs to ascend. Which we later did and worked pretty well.

    Even if it seemed like there was a lot of fighting everywhere in reality the only real losses for the CoA were ours.

    In the end after a few attempts Ancients managed to set up a portal near DJ and together with Arkadia stopped DJ advance, thxs to that we finally managed to push back WD on the other front, and then sign a NAP with them leaving us free to ascend.

    In the beginning of i3 it was pretty unclear how the CoA would transition to i4, but in the end we all agreed that we wanted i4 to be a Free For All. Even if ofc some friendly relations were kept even after i3, especially since some of them were not only because of the CoA itself.

    I know from how i told it it seems and easy thing, but a thing people really underestimated how messy and chaotic a chat with 6 realms can be, especially since not everyone loved each other. There were a lot of tense moments xD

    A lot of people outside, and even inside the CoA, did think it was a bit overkill. Honestly i'm not sure, it's true that in a direct confrontation 6v1 is overkill, but in our mind this was not gonna be an easy war, we were expecting to have to keep fighting them for a long time, in which case a security net was needed to assure the realms on the front line that they weren't gonna be stabbed in the back by some other realms that might want to simply take advantage of the situation or decided to ally them self with Murx.

    i think it was a very interesting and fun experience for all involved, i personally enjoyed it a lot, but i am a big fan of diplomacy so i found myself right at home.

    So in the end i think the main question that remained is this one:

    -Did we achieve our goal?

    I think that yes, we did, i think that we did everything that was doable to contain Murx, it was simply impossible to do more without going really overboard. Especially since DJ decided to go for that weird realm switch deal.

    Ofc Murx's players are insane so even with all the drawbacks we gave them they still managed to out scale all of us, but think of how much they would be ahead if we did nothing. The CoA was meant to contain Murx, and we did, in a way i think the old Murx is no more, only it's spirit lived on through other realms and became the Dark Murx we now know.

    And to close it off i will give a really big thxs to Sirona and Obathis for their constant stream of memes that brought joy to our days in the CoA, and for letting me use a couple of them in this post, so i will end with a meme i think it's appropriate.

    (P.S: english is not my main language so pls forgive me if i made some mistakes or wrote weird sentences, i will try to correct them if i spot them ^^)

  • Since the story is told from a perspective od SV - there is one Thing to correct. F&F was not the one to start war with Obathis. It was the other way round.( understandable beacuse we have made a portal under their nose ) And Since they were incompetent enough to effectively win they asked Dreca to support them. That was too much for FandF and it died. well that’s life.

    Secondly - why you were so surprised with the whole realm running away ? It works quite well :) and it was tested.

    But I suppose You don’t need to read beginners guides :/  8o^^^^^^