💬 S3 Patch Notes - Prepare for DevTalk

  • Dear Ascendants,

    Please join us in Developer Talk on Wednesday 15th of July 2020, at 1:00 PM CEST (UTC+2)

    The DevTalk will be a live chat event in Discord, and our topic is S3 Patch Notes.

    You will find the Patch Notes > here <

    Do you have any feedback or questions about the Patch Notes? Please leave your comments in this thread and we will prepare the Developer Talk with those in mind, thank you.

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    No worries, a summary of all the main points, questions and answers can be found from the forum some time after the event.

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    Your Arkheim Team

  • Good afternoon! The changes are generally good, but they are clearly not enough. The main problem has not been solved - it is still unprofitable to fight. The most profitable strategy is to build houses and farms. There is no alternative.

    I will try to write briefly. The forge of souls gives too small advantages. Perhaps you should think about increasing the volume of slots and increasing the speed at least twice. By and large, I would remove the speed altogether and replace it with something else. For example, an ability upgrade. How do you like this option?

    Further , I would still like to see an alternative to economic development. Even in a castle, there is now only one way - to build fields. Excuse me - but why is it that if I build the maximum level of fields, then I also increase the production of troops? What can farms have to do with the production of troops? The bonus to resources at the last level of fields looks more logical, but not the production of troops.

    Changing the moral system is an absolute plus. Finally, we will see interesting fights.

    I have questions about changing the troops of the elves and dwarves. Or rather, doubts. It is very good that there are attacking and defensive troops, but there is no doubt that you have made the attackers noticeably weaker. In addition, there are questions about the relevance of anti-goblins in this scenario.

    I assume that there may be some problems and no one will build anti-goblins. Therefore, you can make sure that the attacking bonus of 35% is only in PVP battles. Well, ideally, I would still like to see stronger attacking troops!

    The next problem and here I have to admit there is no solution. The past round has shown that it is almost impossible for one Kingdom to resist two at the same time. And this is very bad. The only solution may be to remove restrictions that equate active players with passive ones.

    Of course, it is important not to overdo it and find a middle ground. But in the end, the situation cannot be right, when after any battle, both warlords practically fall out of the battle, both the loser and the winner. It is possible that increasing the volume of slots in the Smiths of souls, and increasing bonuses from items (as well as increasing bonuses from improving items) can solve this problem at least partially.

  • And one more thing. As for farming in the game. It's fun to watch as players who are almost not fighting sit in the castle on the fields and have almost the same level of as those who participate in PVP. In my opinion, this is unacceptable. At least you need to remove the 25% bonus at the last level of the market, and perhaps completely remove the opportunity to get experience without fighting.

  • Thank you very much to all participants. Here is the summary of different opinions and wishes from players.

    Players discussed about changes to the 36 hour counter at the Eternal gate, and the Arkheim team agrees - the endgame needs additional love. Some suggestions from players:

    • Timer continues from where ascension was interrupted
    • Intervals, for example every 6 hours you hold the gate - timer resets to 30h, 24h, 18h etc.

    A couple players wished for the construction discounts to be equal between the races. Races should still feel different and different construction speed was fine to some.

    The 24 hour construction time of portal feels 'ridiculously long' during endgame. Players suggested anywhere from 6 to 12 hours. 12 hours got more thumbs up, while 6 sounded too short.

    Hardcore players suggested rising the orbs needed for ascension to island IV. The Patch Notes have a change from 80k to 120k. Some suggested anywhere between 150k - 300k+, while some said the orbs are just fine as they are.

    War runes brought a lot of opinions and suggestions. For some, the 5% raise in troop slot size was too small (make it 10%, 20% and 30%), some wished for exponential growth (5%, 15%, 25-30%). Speed to some feels underwhelming compared to morale and troop slot upgrade.

    A suggestion to make Warlords gain experience and level up got a few thumbs up, while other opinions said it would be unnecessary grinding when we already have the war rune system.

    Hardcore players wished for the Training Grounds to be gone from the game, or not give any XP. Some suggested removing the TG from islands 3 and/or 4. TG can bring internal friction when someone sends a wrong WL there ruining the XP gain from others. The XP caps were seen as a good thing.

    The full chat log and more ideas and feedback can be found from Discord Archives