S3 Patch Notes

  • Here are the patch notes for the upcoming round: S3, beginning on july 20th, 2020 at 11AM CEST.



    • German language, now available in the settings

    General Improvements:

    • Quest adjustments
      Some quest rewards were changed
      If a player is actively playing, quest rewards are collected automatically
      Quests that cannot be completed due to the current Moon Phase will be invisible (feature postponed)
    • Adjusted descriptions of Warlord abilities and the Academy description
    • In Endgame, Warlords now stay stationed after a successful conquering
    • On mobile, all available resources will be displayed in the relevant windows
    • General usability improvements on mobile
    • Added Warlord details to player screen
    • New animation when leveling up towers & supplies

    Moon Phase Balancing:

    Duration of the Moon Phases has been changed as follows:

    Era Duration
    Moon Phase I 1 Week
    Moon Phase II 2 Weeks
    Moon Phase III 3 Weeks
    Moon Phae IV 2 Weeks
    Endgame 2 Weeks

    Unit Balancing:

    Unit balancing were announced prior to these patch notes and can be seen here.

    After the Dev-Talk with Community, those values were adjusted once again as follows:



    Training Ground XP:  

    The maximum XP that can be gained via Training Grounds is now capped by Moon Phase:

    Era Maximum XP
    Moon Phase I 5000
    Moon Phase II 15000
    Moon Phase III 25000
    Moon Phase IV 40000

    Supply production rebalanced:

    * Note for the troop supplies production:

    100% production time = the time needed in a troop production building level 1

    b5qIBQl.png     yNap4Gv.png

    Ascension Gates:

    Ascension Gate strength and Ascension requirements were adjusted as follows:

    Island Required Orbs Goblin Stregth Goblin Warlords at Gate
    Cornicula (I) 10K --> 5K 150K --> 250K 4
    Midiata (II) 40K 500K --> 1M 6
    Tragonos (III) 80K --> 120K 1.5M --> 5M 15


    • Re-balanced Realm level rewards.
    • Dungeon difficulty adjusted. The increase of Demon strength per Dungeon level has been smoothened.
    • New bundles in the payment store now available (Details will follow).
    • Morale doesn't limit the damage of the last hit anymore.


    Stay tuned about even more features that are yet in development, like the Rare Supplies, the Retreat feature, and more.

    Developer Talk on Wednesday 15th, at 1:00 pm cest


  • Dear Ascendants,

    thank you all for attending the Dev-Talk last Wednesday.

    After the discussion, the following changes were made to the upcoming patch on July 20th:

    War Runes

    • The increasen in costs for additional War Runes was decreased from 19% to 15%
    • Troop slot capacity bonus will be increased with higher levels:
      --> lvl 1 capacity: +5%
      --> lvl 2 capacity: +7% (+12% in sum)
      --> lvl 3 capacity: +10% (+22% in sum)
    • Warlord speed bonus will be increased with higher levels:
      --> lvl 1: Speed +2
      --> lvl 2: Speed +3 (+5 in sum)
      --> lvl 3: Speed +4 (+9 in sum)

    Orb requirement:

    Orb requirement for last island has been increased from 120K to 180K.

    Elven skill tree:

    The skill "construction buildings" in the elven skill tree will now have 10 levels, with 4% bonus per level.

    Unit recruitment times:

    All unit queues are capped to max. 100 hours building time.


    The Endgame will be reworked. Changes that affect the Endgame will be announced during the round.

    Thank you again and see you on S3.

  • The next update is on 6th of August 2020, at 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)

    New Content:

    • Rare Supplies on islands 3 and 4. Read more about the Rare Supplies Here

    Disclaimer: Please note that there will be rare supplies for troops only, not for resources.


    • Reduced the number of reports for better overview, e.g. "Attack on Barricades" will only be shown for your own attacks now
    • Added a warning indicator to orb bar if there are overflowing Orbs and an info-text about overflowing Orbs
    • When a warlord would slow down a mission, his travel time will be shown in red in the mission window
    • Added an animation whenever a supply is boosted (just like with leveling up towers)
    • The online Indicator in Realm view will indicate better how long it has been since a Realm member was online

    Green = Currently online

    Orange = Last online <24 hours

    Grey = Last online >24 hours

    Fixed Bugs

    • Village: Train button is no longer grayed out in the military building window if you gathered enough resources to train again
    • Welcome Back screen: Fixed bug where the number of Undefeated Goblin Barricades always showed 3
    • Map: The speed of the fallen warlords is no longer displayed on 2 rows on the smaller cards
    • Other minor display bug-fixes