Dev Diary: Rare Supplies

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    Some Realms like their supplies medium, others prefer them rare. It is time for another sneak peek behind the curtains of the development team. We’d like to share with you the concept of one of the features the team currently works on: “Rare Supplies” (name is subject to change). Attractive targets for all Realms Rare Supplies are to appear on island III and IV. Rare Supply fields are – as the name suggests – not often found on the map and claiming them shall give a bonus to the production…
  • Overall everything looks pretty good, but I would change this concept a little. A small explanation - why I believe this is necessary:

    As has been said many times - the weak point of the game is the limitation of the force used at the same time. In this regard, the game is almost impossible to resist two realms at the same time. The number of warlords will crush you in any case.

    If the rare supplies increased the power of a certain category of troops, this problem could be partially solved. Another advantage would be a greater variety of such rare supplies. As well as a more chaotic and random arrangement of them.

    For example, we can make three categories of rare deliveries and countless types of deliveries. There are only three categories - bronze, silver and gold. Accordingly, gold is the rarest. And it also gives the biggest bonus.

    On the example of a rare supply that increases the power of the infantry:

    Bronze - 5%

    Silver 7%

    Golden 10%

    Next - types of supplies.

    1 Increases the strength of the infantry

    2 Increases the strength of the cavalry

    3 Increases the power of artillery

    4 Increases attack power for all types of troops

    5 Increases initiative for all types of troops

    You can add more :)

  • A more chaotic location will add an element of randomness to the game (which is so lacking here) and at the same time allow you to generate more supplies. And some where for example they can be in heaps and find and win such places will be good luck.

  • I thing rare supplies boost the strong realms more and make it difficult for the lower ranks to keep up and so it can get more frustrating.

    Think about when you get one of them and 1 day later the bigger fish comes and take it away from you. If it happens with normal supplies it is also bad but then you can try to get other ones. But with rare and better supplies you can not.

  • So less active realms should "keep up" with more active and experienced ones? This is how it happens to a large extent. 50% of the hardcore players I knew don't participate in the new round of the game. The reason is banal-pvp is not profitable + you must constantly look back at others, as even the "Kingdom of noobs" can spoil your game. And you can't do anything with them. For less active realms, there is an island system. No one forces you to jump in the first rows to the next island, and then complain that you have stolen orbs or broken tower. Simply because you are less active or less experienced.

    But you want to have the same result as the "top realms", with much less effort and with a lack of your experience. Developers unfortunately often have the same opinion. As a result, many hardcore players lose all interest in this game. And the game itself instead of a military strategy turns into another farm.

  • I can see your point Yarri#II , I have the same concerns as Dragomir, that strong realms can powercliff even more with these supplies. But on Island 3 or 4 only strong and active realms will even have a chance, and there these supplies can spark interesting tactical decissions and fights, also more planning and diversity in how to expand.
    If you're a not so active or casual player, it's totally ok to stick to island 1-2 or ascend very slowly, these supplies won't even bother you.
    The hardcore warlords on 3 and 4 now have more reasons to engage in combat.