🤝 S3 Realm Finder

  • Are you looking for a new Realm to join

    or for new members to join your Realm?

    Introduce yourself or your Realm in this thread, and other players will be in contact. We also have a Realm Finder in the game you can use, and a Discord chat channel called #realm-finder

    Good luck in finding your perfect match for this round or for the next!

  • The Intergalactic Trade Federation or ITF for short is looking for.. You!

    The ITF is a realm full of first timers. Season 2 was our first server and we hope to bring our A-game for Season 3. (server 3? idk, I call em seasons).

    What can we offer you:

    1. You get to be in realm with excellent management.
    2. Members who all work efficiently and straightforward.
    3. Lots and lots of war! (Don't worry we have naps.. (What is nap? I haven't had one in years now..))
    4. A discord full of both friends and enemies!
    5. A competitive environment where you can grow, learn the game, or heck, try and teach us a thing or 2 if you dare ;)

    What do we want from you:

    1. You're responsive on Discord
    2. You work your hardest to meet our goals (eg. tower building, training grounds, city management)
    3. Online as much as possible - to a realistic degree of course!

    You got any questions, hit me up here, ingame or on discord. I shouldn't be hard to find. :)

  • Hi everyone,

    The Advent is looking for members. Our realm is brand new in the making for S3 and open to anyone who is ready for a new experience on the 3rd server under a fresh perspective.

    Sadly, lots of our old realm will not stay for another round of Arkheim and so we decided to pull a couple of players together and form something of our own and we invite you to be a part of it.

    Who are we?

    - A bunch of refugees from all over the place mainly island 4 realms.

    - Very active players who wish to accomplish more in the next round.

    - Not machines! Most of us have life’s and we try to find a good balance between the game and our real-life responsibilities.

    - A good mix between European and American members.

    What benefits do you gain for offering up your time?

    - A knowledgeable and accomplished leadership that takes everyone’s opinion into consideration.

    - Very careful and elaborate planning on how to approach the game and navigate the islands.

    - In-depth knowledge of the game and a pleasant, helpful atmosphere.

    - A respectful treatment.

    - A progression based realm which is based on teamwork and honest commitment!

    - New players can look forward to comprehensive coaching in all aspects of the game and don’t have to be afraid of anything !

    What are we looking for?

    - New and veteran players alike! As long as you have fire burning and the will to improve and better yourself and the realm.

    - Players who are not afraid of asking, or communicating in discord. Arkheim requires a good amount of coordination and you will have to be reachable.

    - Activity! You have to be checking back in the game and in the discord in a persistent manner.

    - Players with a competitive spirit and mindset with a drive to accomplish something and are not content with mediocrity.

    And that’s pretty much it! We know Arkheim has issues, but we are willing to give it our best shot and create something of our own and maybe we can make the game a slightly better place!

    Sparked your interest? Feel free to drop a discord message to:


    Rave Llama#6440


    Have a good time and thanks for reading!