Island Tidings 4/2020

  • Get ready for the third Moon Phase

    The gates to Tragonos will open soon, marking the beginning of the 3rd Moon Phase. This new era will raise the level caps of your buildings to 22, each race will unlock two new units, all Ascendants will get a fourth Tower slot on Tragonos and Realms can build their second Portal.

    Realm Statistics

    Leading Realm
    yvEF94r.png?1 Congratulations to Realm Murx, keeping the lead with an Ark Power of 2.4 M.

    Runners-Up Realms

    8DyYnXx.png?1RON currently on the second place with an Ark Power of 2.19 M.

    8DyYnXx.png?1Obathis is on the third place with 2.1 M Ark Power.

    Biggest Orb holders

    aNBBE2O.png?1 Murx - 80.557
    aNBBE2O.png?1 RON - 63.194
    aNBBE2O.png?1 Ancients* - 55.497

    Player Statistics

    Congratulations to Big Ben holding the highest amount of Experience Points

    Leading players in other categories

    xixKoLh.png?1  GHED#II - Population 3.121 k

    trNCCFA.png?1 Puldus#II - Kills 95.738 k

    8DyYnXx.png?1 FaustGöthe#II - War Potential 1.198 M

    Community Corner

    Tour de Tower - Contest

    Time to mount your ride and join the other cavalry contestants for ♜ Tour de Tower ♜

    What are your thoughts on the Training Grounds?
    An active thread where a petition to nerf the XP gain of Training Grounds started last Friday, and we are prepared to make changes. Join the discussion here: Petition to nerf TG for moonphase3

    If anything was possible...

    💬 Where do you see this game in 5 years?

    What would make a newcomer learn the basics fast?
    Join a discussion here: How to make the newcomers feel more confident?

    Have a great new week!

    Your Arkheim Team