Funniest raffle answers from Facebook - #SocialSapphires

  • Hello everyone,

    As you might know, we run raffles on our Facebook page where you can win Sapphires.

    With each raffle so far, we have asked you to 'fill in the blank(s)'

    Here's a collection of some of the funniest or otherwise cool answers so far.

    The name of my favorite Warlord is (blank)

    • Chuck Norris

    The first thing I will do after my realm Ascends is (blank)

    • Invite all the Dwarves in my realm to an annual beard washing event - where we rinse all the food crumbs out of our beards in a vat of ale - make ale bread from that vat and crack open several of my best kegs to eat and drink until the next dawn. We will even share the bread with our elven partners if they wish to partake!

    If I had the power to add a new race, it would be (blank)

    • Humans - A race of fools that despite powerful scientific knowledge led to the destruction of its own land and now seeking unnatural power to rebuild it.