• I wanted to change my name, but when I tried to do it in the lobby, it said I need 100 prestige to do that. How do I get prestige?

    The lobby and all its features are not ready yet, so there's no prestige system. If you wish to change the name you use here on forum, please let me know your new account name.

  • For organizational purposes, it would be very helpful to rename towers. These names are hard to spell and remember -- it makes it very hard to communicate about them to allies. For instance, "Hey you should demolish X tower and make a new one over there." The spelling is crazy and my first language is English. I'm sure it's even harder for someone whose first language doesn't have a Romantic or Germanic base.

    Even if we can't name them, I'd be happy with Tower A, Tower B, Tower C lol

  • Hi,

    Is this still the case regarding prestige? As a player that has played a season extensively (S8 and it was great :D) and bought sapphires during that season it seems odd to be told I'm missing a resource to be able to change my name.

    Could I or each player be granted 100 prestige for example?



  • Hi there, the prestige system is not live so no player can change their names at the moment. Our team is focusing on developing the game during Early Access and the account name change is not yet a priority. I'm sorry you need to wait a bit longer and I appreciate the patience!