The Moon Phase Concept - Feedback wanted

  • So it seems developers need only money and they dont care about gameplay. 1-2kk resources acumulated in last 5 days can be spent immediately just need some money. Pay to have artillery a day before your enemy or be destroyed by much more powerfull heroes with artilery...

  • What money? What are you talking about? This game does not require money at all. I don't even know what to spend it on here. Many times we suggested that you make at least paid avatars, but no. The same applies to 12 hours, this is a well-founded mechanics. Criticism must be well-founded and constructive. Why write nonsense?

  • Now you have a lot of resources, And you can reduce building time to zero. You can build up armory, and level up barracks and stable to get stronger units right now. Or you can build them for their actual time - it will take 1 day or more. Anyway if you use sapphires to speed up building you will be 2-3 days ahead in economy. Thats what this cap has done. I dont think this is nonsence.

    1300 population in two weeks and +200 just in one hour...

  • Ah Krakoziabr~ so you mean this is a pay-to-win game and you don't like it because you think this pay-to-win system is unfair. Well~ then let me throw you back some questions. Who will pay for the game developers' time and expenditure? You and I both know very well this game can't last long OR it won't even exist in the first place if the developers don't have sufficient support. And can you stop acting like you hated money or you don't need it?

    However Yarri, you got to know positive suggestion doesn't always exist. Krakoziabr is complaining about something that can be improve but can't be fix, so just let him do talk all he wanted. And I have another one that's in a somewhat similar dead end situation as well. In my opinion, this game is way to boring, things that players can do are very limited. So if there is a positive suggestion about it, then it will be stop this game and make another one -- a better balance and more interesting game. But would you consider this is a positive suggestion if you are one of the developer? I am quitting this game, I don't think it worth my time, and would you also think this is a positive suggestions to other players? Sometimes, there is only so much that you can do.

    And at the end, all it matters about playing a game is that you are having fun or not. So if you are having fun, I am happy for you, but if you are not then I guess it is time for you to move on.