Patch Notes Early Access 2

  • Dear players,

    we updated the game today 20.05.2020, and here are the changes:

    Units were not unlocked correctly. For example, the training of Elven Anti-Dwarf unit Whisperer should not have been available yet.

    You will find the unlocking levels for different units here: FAQ

    We fixed the unlocking levels for most units, and all training queues with Whisperers were automatically canceled at 17:00 CEST, and resources refunded. We did not remove the already trained Whisperers.

    In addition, attack movements have been disabled from towers and portals under construction. In practice, this means players will not be able to create temporary gathering points as part of their attack strategy anymore.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Your Arkheim Team

  • Dear Ascendants,

    today, May 22nd at 6PM CEST (4PM UTC), there will be a Hotfix bringing you the following changes:

    • Some quest changes to align quest rewards with the recently adjusted unit unlocks.
    • Portals don't require a tower slot anymore (but are still limited by island and can only be built by leaders).
    • Fixed a bug where the Morale of Warlords seemingly suddenly jumped to 0 without being hit

    Your Arkheim - Realms at War Team

  • 27.05.2020, at 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)

    Update with no downtime

    • Performance improvements on the map
    • Tutorial: Preventing players from upgrading the first house too early, thus getting stuck
    • When a player only has 1 warlord, it will be pre-selected in the mission window
    • In the supply overview, the first column is now clickable and will link to the corresponding supply on the map
    • We will adjust the quest reward for the Upgrade the armory to level 15 quest
  • 05.06.2020 at 11:00 CEST (UTC+2)

    Update with no downtime

    It may take a bit longer till the new app versions are in the app stores

    General Improvements:

    • The "new report" marker will now only appear in the main UI for own unread reports and the default filter will be set to "mine"
    • Enter can now also be used to assign troops in the warlord overview (already possible in the sidebar)
    • Clicking search on the map will now focus on the search field
    • "On Watch" can now be cancelled directly in a mission window

    Tutorial Improvements:

    • The "Join a Realm Quest" will now be fulfilled even if the Realm is not created yet, with a new Quest "Waiting for 10 players" following up
    • The text for the currently active step of the tutorial can be re-activated via a small portrait bubble of the Tutorial Helper in the main UI (currently Browser only)
    • When being placed on the first map after the tutorial, the Realm will now have a ring of Ruins to claim like after an Ascension

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue where uncleared supplies didn't display enemies and counted as pvp battle after a conquer
    • Fixed an issue where conquered towers wrongfully stayed in the contested state
  • 09.06.2020 at 15:00 CEST (UTC+2)

    Training Grounds balancing with no downtime

    Training Grounds will receive following changes for Early Access 2

    • Time for generating a training point changes from 8 hours to 12 hours per point
    • Experience gained from Training Ground is capped at 35.000. This is total max XP after items and bonuses
  • 19.06.2020 and 22.06.2020

    Updates with no downtime

    Improved the Warlords on watch joining behavior:

    • Easier to join with existing watch movements

    Warlord Stat Tool-tips:

    • Tool-tip added over warlord card stats on the top
    • Shows stats with bonuses for slot capacity, morale and speed

    Unit Assignment Popup Improvements:

    • Default selected value is now the possible max for the slot
    • Added a button to clear and assign a slot
    • Other smaller improvements

    Building level icons:

    • New building level icons for states: Not enough resources to upgrade, upgradable, era max level, total max level

    Fix for flipped combat cards

  • 06.07.2020 at 12:00 CEST (UTC+2)

    This update contains mostly smaller improvements and some preparations for the next server.

    • Improved Realm votes to clarify how they work (e.g. can be passed with just one person voting)
    • Orbs in the Realm Statistics will no longer show the delta, but the sum of all Orbs stolen respectively from a Realm and by a Realm. Attention: Because of this change, the statistic has to be reset to 0 once, since the change is incompatible with the new counting.
    • Realm members in the members view will now be sorted (first by leader/player/invited/applied, then by level)
    • Storage capacity limit warning will be displayed with priority over not having enough resources to upgrade, to avoid wasting Alchemist uses
    • Realm Lobby will be closed automatically after choosing a Realm, to indicate new players more clearly that they can keep playing in the village while waiting for Realm creation
    • Islands specifications on the world map will now be updated when endgame starts, to reflect endgame rules
    • New available Mastery Points will be more visible
    • Increased avatar name limit to 20 characters
    • Several layout changes to prepare for the German localization
    • Several improvements for loading times of windows
    • Increased boosting time after watching a video from 1 to 2 hours, but decreased charges per day to 20
    • Obstacle removal times will be reduced and Citadel time reduction also affects them