Player suggestions so far from Early Access

  • Dear Ascendants,

    I would like to share some of the interesting suggestions players have shared in Discord so far. What are your thoughts on these? Is something especially important to you (why?), would you change or "upgrade" something on the list? Or add to the list?

    Suggestions so far:

    • Add a date or time when you have enough resources to upgrade a building
    • Rotate buildings (not planned, but we did add the option to move the buildings to new locations)
    • Better planning tool for towers, so you could plan the locations ahead of time
    • Vote on deconstructing a tower instead of using a pin (wouldn't it be better to find a diplomatic solution in the long run and plan the tower locations together, instead of deconstructing the towers of others?)
    • Remove level limits on rocks and trees you remove from building sites
    • Hospital, return part of the troops instead of turning them to fallen (you can pick a warlord that heals, or equip healing gear already)
    • Level up your troops (you can level up your Avatar, and once you unlock the soul forge you can upgrade Warlords - both affect troops)
    • Cities you can take over that bestow special items/abilities as long as you can hold that city with your realm
    • Artillery production bonus should come at higher realm level, once you have access to Artillery
    • Tougher Goblin towers on Island 1
  • Really nice Quality of Live change would be to a ruler to select warlord speed, mission type and then points A and B. It would show how long it takes for the warlord to reach the place without having to make your own spreadsheet for this stuff.

  • "Better planning tool for towers, so you could plan the locations ahead of time" that was requested before. That is important tool that right now is replaced by Photoshop. Not very convenient. Be able to place phantom towers with phantom borders on map is what we need.

  • The Artillery bonus being moved is a bit of a no-brainer, since we can't use artillery yet. Maybe change it to a 24h supply boost, or something similar?

    A tower planning tool would be immensely helpful especially when we get to higher islands, have more towers, and need to plan how to get the most supplies etc. Using Photoshop or counting out the squares is not the most efficient way to go.

    Another suggestion: Add a feature to show how long your realm-mates have been inactive. This is especially important for new realms that need to figure out who is active while they form their team, as well as for old realms.

  • The ability for a realm leader to add a discord link to a private discord, that is clickable in-app/browser or make copy and paste useble from chat.

  • Thank you for adding suggestions to this thread, easy to collect and forward when needed or supported by other players :)

    Here's the latest suggestions from players in Discord:

    • On mobile, some buttons or pop-ups are hard to read since you need to hold your finger on top of them. Perhaps tap to open and close works better.
    • PVE mastery to increase strength VS goblins
    • Realm borders would slightly grow as you upgrade your tower
    • Tower influence would get stronger as you upgrade your tower
    • More solo activities, for example make the dungeon more engaging part of the game
    • Sortable warlords, drag and drop to change order
    • Tougher gates so you need true group effort to conquer them
    • Make 24 hour vote timer more clear (you don't need 66% of realm member, but 66% of votes)
    • A way to tell when someone was last active. Important to know who will stay in the team and will return.
    • Towers to have a similar donation overview as outposts
    • 'Campfires' - temporary gathering points in preparation for war, if you do not wish to use your towers to launch an attack.
  • Latest suggestions from Discord (June 2020):

    • Temporary speed boost or resource boost to new players and realms that join the round later (after the first Ascension)
    • Easy way to find your own pins on map to make room for new pins, a pin tab for example
    • Something visual, decorations to fill empty spaces in villages when there’s no room for more buildings but still a few empty cells. Village skins to purchase or gain through achievements.
    • Option to change the visuals of each Warlord card by gathering and purchasing different skins. Include holiday themes to change the card and how the WL avatar looks like. Collector items, booster packs, animated card skins or even new sound effects during fights.
    • Small daily quests with small prizes that would be interesting to newcomers, but not so much to experienced players.
    • Make the cancel watch button smaller, because it prohibits from seeing what troops the warlord has equipped. Too big red button.
    • Upgrading supplies and towers: Add a way (Shift-click) to donate all 10 times, until the max donations per supply or tower level.
    • Goblin barricades can spawn too close to the Training Grounds (will be improved)
    • “Last online” info to weed inactive players
    • Filters to arrange Warlord items, or ability to manually change the order to make it easier to switch and re-equip Warlords.
    • Option to edit pins (for leaders), instead of deleting and remaking them. Everyone could edit their own pins.
    • Turn pins on the map on/off with one button
    • Extra: Developer Talk Suggestions on race and troop balancing
  • * change pin colours (tower - blue, donate - green, attack - orange/red shade). Doesn't have to be very bright, but something to help distingues. Very often I had a problem, I put a pin - NOT to attack and people attack instead. because everything is blue.
    * pins to build tower. People often miss, and build 1 pixel to either side. Most often when players play from mobile and hard to be precise. Also, for some reason cannot build towers in stratgy mode, visuals change.
    * option to see how many towers each member has.

    * can you make Town area for buildings somehow uniform. It drives crazy when you cannot use all building area.

  • To improve final ascension experience:
    * change the requirement to hold Eternal Gate for 36 hours. Make cumulative timer, if interrupted, it can continue again from where it stopped. You will get a bloodbath for holds EG all the time, and the same bloodbath holding towers to farm more fallen army.

  • under statistic section can you add "donations". has population, kills etc but donations is quite an important part of the realm building so would be nice to see where we are as a realm/player on donations compared to other pople

  • Latest suggestions from Discord (July and August 2020):

    • Do not include Fallen kills in total kills stats
    • Fallen to be enemy troops you killed instead of your own troops
    • Not show attacks of others on the map, only those approaching you
    • Timer to tell when you have enough resources to build building X
    • More colors needed to tell realms apart
    • More female Dwarf warlords
    • Donation overview for towers
    • An overview tab for all pins on the map
    • With mouse over, get a tooltip telling details about the troops in a troop slot
    • More PvP incentives on lower islands to warm up for later islands (a treasure chest or small
      map quests you can compete for against other realms).
    • Easier access to the Alchemist.
    • The colors for online time indicator are too close to each other and hard to tell apart (green
      and orange), especially for red-green color blind. Add an icon or something else to indicate when someone was last online on top of the colors.
    • An option to mute/silence other players in the chat.
    • Timestamps on reports, instead of ‘5 hours ago’

    These are again suggestions that were supported by multiple players or would otherwise help improve the game experience (with small changes). Not all suggestions are included.