Equipment mechanism

  • hello, i'm curious about mechanism of some equipmentsm, especially about block damage percentage.

    Will the block percentage increased if i put couple of equipment with same description?

    For instance, i have shield with 10% block rate, helm with 8% block rate, and armor with 5 % block rate. If i put them all together, what is the positive perks i will get? Is it possible for the equips triggered at the same time (like blocking for 30% damage twice with shield and armor triggered at the same time)? Or is the chance just increased to 10+5+8 %? Or its not working like that and make it only 10% block rate and rendering my helm and shield useless?

    Thank you in advance

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  • "until one is triggered"

    So first it roll for 10%, if it failed, it will roll for 8%, if it failed it will roll for 5%.

    Is thats it?

    If it so, is there any order for it?

    Weapon -> armor -> helm -> boots, or else?

  • I am also wondering about critical chance, with the warlord Candidos. He has a %50 crit chance, and I stack all crit chance items on him adding another combined %50 crit chance. Even though it roles each item individually the overall crit chance seems very low around %50. Does the crit chance from armor still stack on him, or is he capped at %50?

  • Probability can be a bit counter intuitive. For each crit item you equip you get diminishing returns. Here's an example I gave to my own realm:

    50% crit WL, equipped with items that gave 12%, 15%, 11%, 12% crit chance, so intuitively you should think that you get 100% crit chance. But the math looks very different.

    An item/skill only rolls for crit, if there has not been a crit yet, which means it is dependent on the previous items/skills to fail their crit roll. So to calculate the actual crit chance, we calculate the "crit fail chance", i.e. what is the probability that no crit is made:

    (50/100)*(88/100)*(85/100)*(89/100)*(88/100) = 29% chance that all items fail
    This means that the crit chance is actually only 100%-29% = 71%.

    If you're interested in looking up the math yourself, you can google Dependent events.

    I think a lot of players gets confused by this, so maybe it would be nice if the devs made this a bit more transparent, either by adding a "total crit chance" box to the WL, or maybe change it, so there's only one roll for crit (would require a nerf to the items then)