Dev Diary: Breaking a Continent

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    Many of you have ascended into Eternal Light - but did you know ascension was not always a part of Arkheim? Back in the very first closed beta, there were no Ascensions or floating islands, but instead one huge continent for all players to explore as either Dwarves or Elves. Now, let’s dive deeper into the breaking of a continent. Why did we break the continent? Math. While we like the idea of exploring one huge new and wonderous continent, a mundane thing called math lead to the idea of…
  • The problem with our previous static map was that the initial Realm placement was very final, and if you ended up between two very competitive Realms you were basically done for. Players either changed Realms or even stopped playing altogether.

    Or, seen from the other perspective, the “sandwich” Realm in the middle had nothing to lose while blocking territory from others and keeping them locked in meaningless fights.

    exacly same thing happening in islands