The Next game round of Arkheim - Realms at War

  • Dear Ascendants,

    The first Early Access round is slowly approaching its end and we often get asked when exactly the next round will start. During the last weeks, we have followed the battles on the five islands with excitement while working together with you on various quality improvements of the game.
    Thanks to your enthusiasm, your valuable input and cooperation we have already made several improvements to the game. So far it's been an amazing journey - but we haven't arrived, yet! :)

    We see that there are still some steps to be done to make Arkheim - Realms at War an even more exciting experience.
    For the next round, we want to make PvP more rewarding, make the game and it's mechanics more understandable, and make it easier for players to start in a Realm together. To be able to deliver these changes as fast as possible we want to use the opportunity to concentrate on the development of these improvements. This also means that we won't directly start another round of Arkheim - Realms at War. Instead, our next Early Access round is planned to start by end of April. We are looking forward to seeing you all again on the new server!

    In the meantime we will keep you informed regularly about progress and new features, and invite you to follow us on Facebook, on Discord and the Forum.
    Once again, we want to thank you all for helping us to make Arkheim - Realms at War a unique game experience!

    And now, we wish you all best of luck in the final endgame-battle and the fight for the Eternal Light.

    Arkheim - Realms at War Team

  • Will e-mails be sent out for this?

    Hi, and yes emails will be sent to notify registered players that a new round is starting. Email is only sent to verified e-mail addresses. And good to keep in mind, the email may end up in spam folder so better check it out as well.

    We will share the starting date, news of upcoming features and more through our other channels - in Facebook and in Discord as mentioned above :)