Island Tidings 2/2020

  • The Eternal Ascension Has Started

    The Endgame has started where Demons and Fallen roam the surface and each Realm has to decide how to use its limited Warlords best. The first realms from Islands 2-5 are already at the Eternal Gates. But who will be crowned as the winners of this round?

    Realm Statistics

    Leading Realm

    yvEF94r.png?1 Congratulations to Realm Murx, still in the lead with an Ark Power of 4.16 M.

    Runners-Up Realms

    8DyYnXx.png?1Soviet Union * currently on the second place with an Ark Power of 3.55 M.

    8DyYnXx.png?1Middle Earth is on the third place with 3.53 M Ark Power.

    Player Statistics

    Congratulations to Jhartulion#II holding the highest amount of Experience Points

    Leading players in other categories

    xixKoLh.png?1 Rock - Population 5.875 k

    trNCCFA.png?1 Twelve#II - Kills 2.965 M

    8DyYnXx.png?1 meka_tama#II - War Potential 45.668

    Community Corner

    Endgame Developer Chat

    Here is the summary of Endgame Developer Chat event we had in Discord on January the 13th, 2020. Thank you very much to all participants and for all the great questions!

    Beginners Guide by GOFER#II  

    Have a look at these tips for the beginning, general gameplay, buildings, towers, realms, battles etc. There's even a tip for "Realmhoppers", people who move between islands up and down!

    Hunt for the Demon King contest

    The last community event of this round can be found here. You have been dispatched to find the true location of Demon King. 💎 Sapphires will be delivered to you (winners) when the next round starts, if you finish the Endgame before 20th of January.

    Endgame Bugfixes

    Endgame has started for the very first time and is now in full swing. We are excited to see how the endgame-competition will develop throughout the next days. If you have feedback, reports of bugs or glitches or other technical issues, please share your experiences with us here.

    Good luck with the Endgame!

    Your Arkheim Team