📝 Summary of Endgame Developer Chat

  • Hello everyone,

    Here is the summary of Endgame Developer Chat event we had in Discord on January the 13th, 2020. Thank you very much to all participants and for all the great questions!

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    Q: How many Eternal gates will 5th island contain?

    A: island 5 will probably contain 1-2 eternal gates, based on the number of realms that manage to ascend to it. The 7th realm to ascend will unlock the second eternal gate

    Q: So if 7 realms ascend to island 5, there will be 2 gates?

    A: Exactly!

    Q: Is the location of the Eternal gate a secret? Or is it randomly chosen?

    A: The map basically consists of areas blocked for a realm. Every 7th realm on the map unlocks an additional area with one spot for an eternal gate and 6 spaces for realms.

    And there are also spots for ascension gates on maps 2-4.

    Q: So the position of the gate on island 5 is already decided but we can't see it yet?

    A: Yes, this is the case. So it will automatically happen, if enough realms ascend to that map.

    Q: Will the Eternal gate be defender favored?

    A: No - the only advantage for the defender is that they already have accumulated their fallen. But they have to fight against all the other realms on it, so we expect an eternal ascension to be very hard to achieve.

    Q: Once in the Eternal gate, will you be able to fill your WLs with fallen or do they have to fall back and refill?

    A: You will have to fall back like always in order to refill your fallen.

    Q: Why have Eternal gates as an option to win if all you need to do is have the most Orbs and deny every access to the gate?

    A: In order to make the Endgame not too linear. It will be a big effort to win by Orbs. But Realms can't ignore the Gates either. If they do, there can be a winner by surprise. So basically you have to balance out things and each player has to decide how to allocate their Warlord slots between both winning conditions.

    Q: If the gate can be used multiple times, then multiple realms can finish instead of just one per gate?

    A: Yes, in theory some realms might use the same Eternal Gate. But it will be blocked for at least 36 hours for each Eternal Ascension.

    Q: Will a realm that ascends from the island 4 be ranked better than a realm not ascending from island 5?

    A: The realms are ranked strictly in this order: island -> ascended on an island -> number of orbs

    So you should always try to ascend to the next island. Even in the last second before endgame starts.

    Q: With the Fallen having triple speed, doesn't that make fighting for the position near the Eternal gate pointless since Realms can reach it in under 40 minutes anyway?

    A: The idea of this is basically that the territorial game of the Orb-based endgame does not overlap too much with the target of the eternal Ascension. So even if your realm is far behind on Orbs, it still has equal chance to ascend eternally or at least prevent other realms from doing so.

    Q: Are we able to attack gates owned by other realms, and if so, what's the point of owning it?

    A: Yeah, of course you are. The point of owning it is, that you win the game when the other realms do not manage to withdraw you from it.

    Q: The idea of not resetting timers on Eternal gates but making timers longer. Did you think about that idea?

    A: Indeed we thought about it when we initially figured out the endgame concept. It should be a great achievement to ascend eternally, and we rather have no realm that manages to do so than having too easy ascension. That being said, if we get the impression that is too hard, we will think about it again.

    Q: What advantage as developers did you see in realms requiring an unbroken 36hr holding of the eternal gate instead of a "total holding time" of x hours? Since as a player, i see nothing but disadvantages to this unbroken 36hr.

    A: When concepting the endgame we said, it should be very hard to achieve eternal ascension and we are okay with no realm doing it, if there is just the tension that it could happen... The rule is kind of a reflection of this assumption. But you are totally right, it is very hard and it could be too hard. If we find out it is too hard, we will take action.

    Q: Once the Dungeons close you cannot create more fallen is that right?

    A: No - you will be able to create more Fallen by normal fights. But you only can use these Fallen with your Fallen Walords and not in the Dungeon anymore.

    Q: Can a gate be within someone else's land but controlled/occupied by my realm?

    A: The realm's area of influence does not have anything to with eternal gates. So yeah, you can occupy and eternally ascend even if the gate is within the boarders of another realm.

    Q: What about portals during eternal light?

    A: There will be portals and basically everything will work like before, with the difference that portals will not block a tower slot for a realm member anymore. There will be no limit of tower slots for players anymore.

    Q: Did you just tell us we can build as many towers as we want?

    A: No building or deconstructing, just conquering from other realms

    Q: Can we dismantle portals, so we can build new ones?

    A: Yes - you will be able to dismantle them

    Q: Conquering Eternal gates can only be done with fallen troops? Can you send living support to the Eternal gate?

    A: For now it is not possible to send living support to the Eternal Gate. You will be able to send more Warlords, but you will not be able to fill up Warlords that are already in the gate.

    Q: If a realm ascends, does their troops stay in the Eternal gate or are the troops cleared out?

    A: The troops of the realm will disappear, once it eternally ascends.

    Q: How many times you can change Warlords to control fallen and back? Will it be free?

    A: You will be able to change Warlords as often as you want from Fallen to normal status, and for free.

    Q: When the dungeon closes with the Endgame starting, will the Warlord masteries be locked or re-skilled?

    A: We are giving everyone a Light of the Phoenix scroll in order to re-skill masteries when the endgame starts. We will not lock them.

    Q: Does fallen from elves and dwarves have the same power for each type?

    A: Yes, Fallen from Elves and Dwarves have the same power for each type. But they still have the different Fallen Warlords.

    Q: So what about items? Will they work as usual?

    A: Yes, the items work for the Fallen Warlords the same way they work for normal Warlords

    Q: At what time will it not be possible to visit the dungeon anymore? Just to be sure i use every amulet.

    A: The moment the endgame starts, the dungeon will not be accessible anymore. Make sure you use the amulets before Endgame starts.

    Q: Will items equipped by Warlords, and items in your inventory be sold automatically at the end of the server for sapphires?

    A: Currently we have no plans for automatically selling the items.

    Q: Is there any intention to add more depth / some interesting PvE to demons in the future? E.g. demons roaming around could be pretty fun to have.

    A: We think that we still have some flesh for an initial implementation right now. But of course based on the things we see in the endgame now, we will further improve it and one big part of improving it is providing more interesting decisions. So we will decide on adding more depth based on the experiences. Maybe we also have to remove some complexity...

    Q: Why do fallen (for endgame or in general) consist of your own dead troops? Suggestion: Rather count the enemy troops you have killed in pvp. this would encourage pvp and good tactics till the end.

    A: This is a good question. We are currently thinking about implementing a benefit for killing other players troops in PvP and providing something for that.

  • Let me ask something. What´s happned with the winners in islands 1,2,3 and 4 that can´t get eternal portal, are they any rewards?

    Have you read the rules for the endgame?

    There are Eternal Gates in all islands except i1, all realms on i5 will be ranked before all realms on i4, and they will be internally ranked by first realm to ascend the Gate, then by the number of orbs.

  • I don't like this " The realms are ranked strictly in this order: island -> ascended on an island -> number of orbs

    So you should always try to ascend to the next island. Even in the last second before endgame starts."

    It does not favor pvp looking for fallen and trying the eternal.
    Ive seen more than 3 realms sitting for 2 weeks doing nothing but supply lines and goblin towers, to make a 1-3 day crush for orbs and ascending on next island. They make NAPs for 2 weeks and then only 1-3 days pvp. NO FUN.

    There should be something the sort of the 1st eternal ascendant on i3 wins the non-eternal ascendants on i4, and the 1st eternal ascendant on i4 wins the non-eternal on i5. This could encorage more pvp and not so "strategy" low profile for 2 weeks just to ascend and jump on rankings.