Subjective Beginner Guide / DWARF PLAYER 2.0

  • Subjective Beginner Guide / DWARF PLAYER

    Lots have been changed, more changes coming. My perspective has also been shifted. So this is version 2.0.

    Lest Start shall we. 😊

    First and foremost – THIS IS NOT TRAVIAN. There are similarities but the biggest difference is that – no one can destroy your ARC – no one can take away weeks of development – and secondly you can start a new arc or new place as much as you need. That’s a huge advantage.


    The most important thing is to unblock 4 building slots. Do it Asap !

    Secondly if you can buy the hero with exp bonus. Kill all goblins only with that.

    Invest in economy first – so all skill points goes to eco + develop the production as much as you can.

    Killing and exp is important but will come later in the game – very fast. So use bonus resources from quest to develop eco. As said above no one can take this away.

    Masteries – mastery points. Its damn hard to decide what to do with points at the beginning.

    You can always look at stronger players and see what they are doing. But there is the question why they are doing it?

    So where to put mastery points first?

    A lot of players invest in faster building. It’s a good option. You should maximize it and hold to that as long as you can. Build as much as possible and maximize all economy buildings.

    If you can, hold to that building pattern. If there is a war change it, than go back to building.

    Military mastery points.

    I would invest in Strength of units. ( why not quantity of each slot?) the answer is this – at the beginnings you do not have much troops – if you want to fight PVP you must maximize what you have. So give power to those limited troops you have now + maximize Initiative. First strikes give lots of advantages.

    Further progress in game will bring more points – and those you can invest in beefing up your WL-

    And at the end they Will be like 500K or more…

    Gameplay – Fighting Goblins.

    Use goblin troops as much as you can against goblins. Conserve all the rest of the troops.

    You can attack goblins several times to defeat them. That is a key to clear resources slots in the ARK. Use several week attacks. Instead killing strong PVP units.

    Building inside the ark.the trick is to use troop production as a supply storage. When you are active build lots of short time buildings. Use long time for the night/ non activity periods. Plan your buildings and keep the population limits secure – so you have enough pop secured for future buildings.

    Placing Towers. + resources generating

    Placing towers is a skill that is visible to other realms – by that you can be judged by others. So stronger experienced players can assume by that what do you know by this game.

    Try to place towers to grab 3 or 4 supplies. 3 is a good enough for the beginnings.

    Dismantle the towers that are useless – check if supply will be taken by another tower first.

    Upgrading the resource fields is a key to fast production- but it’s difficult with low eco in the arc.

    So upgrade as much as you can – but hey don’t worry to much. (and donating resources gives sapphires and EXP so its not pointless)

    Market – With 15 players in Ark, market gives a reasonable yield. And maximized in last island gives extra exp bonus for donations. It’s a lot of exp.

    Training Grounds.

    TG is not a simple exp farm. If you spend time, and analyse reports from there you can learn how to properly use specific troops against each other. Pair up proper WL and you will maximize experience in TG. DO NOT send on random. Warlords half full or equipped with anti-goblin troops. It’s a waist of experience.


    That’s one of the most important parts of this game – and at the beginnings it just looks like something the producers added to kill the boredom.

    DON’T underestimate DUNGEON.

    Killing dungeon generates – items that give you a fighting edge over other players. Gives scrolls + resources + Sapphires. And Huge amount of EXP.

    There is a ratio you must find for yourself when killing the dungeon. A ratio means the strongest Daemon power X something = Success

    For me without any upgrades the dungeon ratio was 1,7

    Example: Strongest Daemon is 750 k x1,7 = 1,3 mln - it means that your dead must have minimum 1,3 ml strength to clear the level. Don’t attack if you do not have enough dead to clear the level. It’s a huge loss of exp + items.

    Try to figure your ratio for yourselves. ( later it was just the strongest deamon + 1,7 mln - it was enough).

    And you can always go back to levels already cleared.

    Mastery in dungeon- lots of people invest in dungeon- for me it’s a waist – strong fighting with goblins and PvP generates lots of dead so it was not necessary for me.

    You can reset your mastery points – so when developed to a level of production for example 30 K per hour – you can Reset mastery and putt all in dungeon for a time. But I would say it’s a waist of points.

    Check yourself.

    PVP Fighting-

    This subject is so Vast that it’s hard to write something most important.

    But lest try with general rules. ( separate PVP guide its on the way)


    always try to maximize WL Strength

    seeing opponents too strong for you do not charge, to prove a point. Conserve army to counter attack later.

    analyse the troops the opponent is using, and counter with proper ones.

    Use proper equipment for proper WL- Artillery bonus items will do nothing to Horses

    Maximize EXP gained.

    Initiative – do not underestimate this factor. It gives a fighting advantage over Loaded heroes who have lots of troops. It can change the fight to your advantage and minimizes loses.

    That’s general now some tactics. :


    Someone is attacking you – what to do?

    If you can, try to place Def units before the attacker – but that’s not always possible. Sending a WL with proper defence against Attacker its tricky – but it can be done. Check travel times for different WL, put shoes increasing travel speed. Check possibilities

    Counter- for that, there’s always more time. Raid is additional one hour time for you. So wait to see the raid, analyse troops. Gather with other Players. And check if the opponent is reacting for your counter.

    Slow WL + Fast WL

    That’s technique is for attacking and gaining orbs or exp.

    Send a slooow warlord first to a faraway tower – wait for opponents to counter – and then send fast WL – if possible to arrive before them or to hit before your first WL.

    Fast Raid with 3 or 4 WL

    Send a party of WL with minimum power necessary to raid a tower (20 K). So 4 WL each 20 k to your tower near next realm. Than choose AS far towers as you can from their Ark. Send 3 or 4 different attacks and check what happens. There is a good chance that you might die – but the loss will be minimal.

    Killing troops in Goblin Towers. –

    Someone raids a goblin tower near you – he uses anti goblin troops for that. He is exposed for several hrs there. You can easily kill his troops and grab the orbs- wait with the time to coordinate the attack near end of the time and send your WL to be just before the end there.

    Conquer Tower when its being dismounted

    Towers can be conquered when they are being dismounted – It shortens the time of conquer. So when the dismounting is ended – the conqueror wins. Be warned / or know about this and use it to your advantage.

    Changing Realms.

    You can always change realm. 24 hrs limit between changes, and nothing more.

    Look for the realm that’s suits you best. The style of play the activity. Do not sit around and wait just go.

    Reviving your Realm – all is lost – you are raided and conquered by someone stronger or two other realms. What choice there is? Disband ? say by by to friends?

    Not necessarily - you can all go to island one starting a new realm. It costs 200 Sapphires.

    But there is a cheaper and faster way. Look for open realm with minimum 60 % - 70 % free spots. And Join – you can vote out dead souls there. And have perfectly new realm for you.

    This can be done for different islands – so look for the best one to take. Any dead realm will come back to life with proper number of players.

    And if you are a bastards 😊 you can make a hostile takeover. And grab a high level realm with lots of spots + good bonuses.

    Downgrading Islands - by changing the island to a lower one – all your upgrades stay – so no worries there. The advantage to going lower is this. Playing with someone les experienced you can generate loots of experience. It’s not nice thou 😊

    Experiments with game mechanics. – I suppose there is a lot tricks that I do not know, and I’m not saying to exploit bugs – that’s forbidden 😊 but there are things that can be done if you have spare players and smart ideas.

    For example – teaming up with two realms on different islands. One team can be fighting to deplete troops. While at 0 can go to island lower for a week or so and rebuild army. And new players can join and fight the higher plane with new troops. Rotating and fighting.

    It’s not possible with beta because there is like what 900 people playing – and I suppose 400 of those are really fighting.

    Thank you all for reading. Please poste Constructive critics below.

    For other remarks more impolite you can all PM me in the game 😊

    Sorry for spelling mistakes spell checker sometimes make funny things.

    I hope all those remarks will be helpful. Read this again in a week or so. It will be more helpful the second time.