Prepare for Eternal Ascension

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    Prepare for Eternal Ascension

    Dear Ascendants,

    in less than a week, our new Endgame will activate for the very first time. March with your Fallen, conquer endless Towers and claim one of the Eternal Gates back from the Demons to ascend into Eternal Light! We are very excited to see how you like it and who will win the Early Access server.

    The Endgame will activate on Thursday, 16.01.2020 at 19:00 UTC (18:00 CET).

    Since you probably have lots of questions and ideas, we will have a dedicated Endgame Dev-Chat with our game designer DarioR on Discord next Monday 13.01.2020, at 15:30 (16:30 CET). To give him some time to prepare for more complicated questions or discussion points, please post them in advance in this thread > here <

    Now, let’s dig deeper into what is going to happen.


    The Endgame Starts - Rule Changes

    • Realms are set: “remove a player” vote, Realm finder and invites are disabled
    • Normal Ascension Gates will be closed – ongoing Ascensions will still finish
    • The Dungeon will be closed
    • Towers can no longer be constructed or deconstructed – ongoing construction/deconstruction will finish / Portals can still be constructed and are still limited by Realm level
    • Towers no longer belong to players, but the whole Realm
    • Realms can now have unlimited Towers
    • Conquered Towers will be claimed automatically and instantly, taking over all attached supplies without Goblin respawn
    • Damage done while conquering a Tower is doubled (except
      Towers that are already being conquered when the endgame starts)

    Battling With Fallen

    • All unlocked Warlords can now be switched between normal and Fallen version while stationed in an Ark or Portal
    • The special ability of a Warlord stays the same
    • Slot size for Fallen Warlords is about 5x bigger than that of the normal version, slot type stays the same
    • The speed value of Fallen Warlords is 3x higher than that of their normal version
    • Warlords keep their equipment when switching between versions
    • Masteries for Warlords also apply to Fallen Warlords, however, the dungeon masteries don’t apply
    • Fallen Warlords can only be used on Eternal Gates against Demons or other Fallen Warlords
    • Fallen Units will now die in battle (and don’t generate new Fallen)
    • Killing Demons and enemy Fallen units gives XP and counts towards statistics
    • If Fallen Warlords are stationed in a Portal and enemy (non-Fallen) Warlords arrive for battle, the Fallen Warlords will teleport to the Ark – Fallen Warlords can never battle with normal Warlords
    • Normal Battles still generate new Fallen

    Eternal Gates and Ascension

    • All Islands except Island 1 have Eternal Gates on the Map
    • Eternal Gates are occupied by Demons, their strength is depending on the Island
    • Eternal Gates can only be attacked by Fallen Warlords
    • If the attack is won, the winning Realm holds the Eternal Gate and the Eternal Ascension Countdown starts immediately – no Orbs are required
    • A Realm has to hold an Eternal Gate for 36 consecutive hours to ascend eternally
    • Other Realms can attack an Eternal Gate held by the enemy Realm to interrupt the ongoing Ascension and start their own
    • The Ascension timer will be reset if the Gate is lost
    • If a Realm holds several Eternal Gates, each has its own individual countdown – the first countdown to finish will trigger the Eternal Ascension
    • As soon as a Realm manages to Ascend, it will be ranked and disappear from the map, only leaving the Eternal Gate behind. Demons will NOT respawn.
    • Ascended Realms can still access and use their Towns but are no longer connected to the multiplayer map. They can visit the maps via Observation mode.

    The Final Ranking

    The server will end on Thursday, 30.01.2020 at 19:00 UTC (18:00 CET).

    At that point, the final server ranking will be set by the following Rules:

    1. Island number
    2. Eternally ascended Realms on that Island by time of Ascension – if any
    3. Un-ascended Realms on that Island by number of Orbs at server end

    That means a Realm that didn’t manage to eternally ascend but reached Island V will overall be placed above a Realm that eternally ascended from Island IV.

    The Island ranking will be won by the Realm that manged to eternally ascend first, if there is any, otherwise by the Realm with the most Orbs on the Island at server end.

    We wish you all lots of fun and good luck!

    Your Arkheim Team